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This is our family history site and I hope it will help you along your journey finding some of your ancestors.  I have documented (with references) on this site where I found all the information.  It does not mean that everything on this site is 100% accurate.  Some of the information is from family history books which are subject to the interpretation of the authors.  Before you use this information elsewhere, it is best to verify all the information/references (deeds, wills, census, church, and bible records, etc.) first hand to make sure it is accurate.



Since it is only natural for those that have an interest in genealogy to wonder about their heraldry, this web site is dedicated to the heraldic bearings of our family names as well as our family genealogies.


DNA, something new in the world of genealogy. To try to break through some of the barriers in genealogy research.  Dedicated to the Briant/Bryant, Conway/Conaway/Connaway, Hanna/Hannah/Hannon and Lewis Surnames. Visit this page to learn how, where, why.  DNA graphics courtesy of DNA Heritage.





Henry & Dianne are searching for family tree dead ends and missing links.


Names associated with our family:

Akin, Anderson, Arnold, Bailey, Baker, Barber, Barnett, Belcher, Bennett, Bobo, Booth, Bryant, Carlton, Carnell, Chaney, Clay, Cleary, Coleman, Conaway, Couch, Croshaw, Curtis, Davis, Dixon, Dozier, Eaton, Erwin, Farrar, Ferguson, Fox, Gibson, Goggans, Goodloe, Gotcher, Hainsworth, Hannon, Hargrove, Howard, JamesonKendallLangston, Lassiter, LawrenceLemon, Lewis, NunnallyParker, Patrick, Patterson, Perkins, Perley, Perrin, Peterson, Pew, Poore, Price,  Richardson, Richbourg, Rinehart, Robinson, Roebuck, Royall, Salisbury, Sibert, Smith, Smythe, Spencer, Swayne, Taylor, Toole, Turner, Wade, Walker, Warren, Watkins, West, Willis, Wise, Womack, Works, Yarbrough.

Lineage files for those in bold can also be found by clicking on the name or by going to my Aunt's homepage - The Conaway Homepage - as well as more information on the Conaway family.

Henry's German family names include:

Aciger, Aders, Assel, Auracher, Bekur, Blankenstein, Dreher, Faigele, Friedrichs, GerekeGrotz, Haffners, Haylers, Heck, Herbst, Hessel, Hogrts, Junghams, KadeKeil, Knapple, Kunberger, Kreder, KruseLandenberger, LinkeLuddemann, Majer, Mayer, Markgraf, Markmann, Metzger, Muller, Nagel, Reithmueller, Rhule, Richter, Rober, Rose, Schaffer, Schmied, Schott, Schreiber, Schultz, Schultze, Seytz, Siglock, Sterlin, Stierle, Ulrich, Weber, Wiedmaier, Wusthof, Wringli, Zweigle.



Conaway/Turner - Dianne's Father's line

Henry Conaway born 1784 in SC married Nancy Turner 9 Nov 1806 in Warren County, GA.  They had 8 children.  Was Nancy's father John Turner?  After Nancy's death Henry married 4 Jan 1849 Nancy (Epsey) Dozier widow of William Bray.  Henry died 1858 in Warren County.  Who were Henry's parents?

Also working on the John Turner line through his son Revolutionary War Soldier Noel Turner born 1764 in NC.


Walker/Hannon - Dianne's Father's line

Wells Walker born 20 May 1789 married 23 Aug 1821 in Warren County, GA. to Sarah Hannon born 1 June 1779.  They had 9 children.  What was his relation to Joel & Holliberry Walker?  Joel was a Revolutionary War Soldier.  Wells lived near the widow Holliberry until her death.  Who were Wells' parents?  Sarah's father was Henry Hannon from Maryland.  Was her Mother part Cherokee Indian?



Yarbrough - Dianne's Mother's line

James Yarbrough & his oldest son Charles were killed in Franklin County, GA 11 May 1792 by Indians.  His wife moved the family to SC.  When his children were old enough to claim the land their father received for his services in the Revolutionary War, they returned to Georgia.  James was the son of Joshua listed on the 1766 Bute County, NC tax list.  Who was James's wife?


Salisbury/Eaton - Henry's Mother's line

Welcome Salisbury born 1792 in RI married Polly in NY.  Their daughter Adeline Salisbury married Levi Eaton about 1834 in NY.  The families later moved to Michigan, Ohio, and Arkansas.  The story is that Grandfather Salisbury returned to England to claim the family inheritance and the ship sank on the way back to America with the inheritance & Grandfather aboard. What was Grandfather's name?  Who were Levi Eaton's parents?  Was he born in NY or on the boat on the way over?




Taylor/Arnold - Dianne's Father's line

Another family story says that Nancy Arnold (died 8 Feb 1829 Dallas County, AL) and her brothers came over from England.  Years later they received word they had been left a considerable estate from their parents who were apparently still in England.  They hired a lawyer to to go NY to claim their inheritance for them.  On his return, the lawyer said there had been a mistake - that no large fortune was left to them.  However, the lawyer suddenly had a large amount of money without any apparent source.  He & his wife went on a trip to Europe & he spent huge amounts of money in the area where they lived.  The family believed that the lawyer kept the money for himself & lied to Nancy & her brothers.  Nancy was married to Arthur Taylor (died 4 December 1833 Lowndes County, AL).


Gotcher/Cleary - Dianne's Mother's line

John M. Gotcher born 1832 in AL moved with his family to Columbia County, AR sometime before 1860.  His first wife was Nancy Jane Jeffries, daughter of Gainor Jeffries & Mary Armstrong.  John along with his brothers-in-law served in the civil war.  After their 2 children were born, Nancy died and John married Caroline Cleary, daughter of William Cleary and the widow of one of Nancy's brothers.  The family then moved to Texas.  Looking for information on John's ancestors.



Richbourg - Dianne's Mother's line

William Richbourg was born about 1802 Sumter County, SC, lived in Mississippi and died 1860's in Texas.  He was undoubtedly descended from the Claude Philippe de Richbourg line of SC.  Looking for proof of his descent.  William married 4 April 1822 in Monroe County, MS to Mary Elizabeth Gibson born 4 February 1807 in GA.  Where in Texas did William die? I descend through their son Flood McGrue Richbourg who served in the civil war.


Gibson - Dianne's Mother's line

Who were the parents of Joseph Gibson who left a will 1849 in Monroe County, MS?  Deeds indicate he moved his family from Lincoln County, TN to Mississippi around 1819.  What was the family name of his wife Lydia?




Barber - Dianne's Father's line

Does anyone know the death date of Josiah Woods Barber, Sr. (born 1808)?  He died in Comanche Co, TX & his second wife is buried there in the Indian Mountain Cemetery.


Still Searching


Carnell/Dixon - Dianne's Mother's line

Was Anna born 27 July 1798 NC who married about 1820 Humphreys County, TN to James M. Parker born 1 Oct 1802 Shelby Co, KY the daughter of Hubbard Carnell & Elizabeth Dixon?  Hubbard's will no longer exists, but other documents indicate a connection & I wish I could prove it.


Parker - Dianne's Mother's line

Looking for ancestors of Samuel Parker who died 1820 Humphreys County, TN and his wife Mary.  His son Joshua was born 1776 in Virginia and married Mary Patterson 1800 in Shelby County, KY.




Dozier/Baker - Henry's Mother's line

Marcus L. Dozier born 1830 GA died before 1880 TN married about 1848 GA Martha L. Baker (daughter Isaac Baker) was descended from the Leonard Dozier line. Tradition places him as son of William Dozier (son of Leonard Wesley Dozier & Polly Malone) born 1800 died 1835 DeKalb County, GA.  William married about 1828 Elizabeth.  It is believed he was one of the orphans of Leonard Dozier that received land in DeKalb County, GA in 1821.  William is on the 1830 DeKalb Census with wife & children.  Elizabeth is on the 1840 census with small children.  Looking for more information on William & Elizabeth.


Bryant - Dianne's Father's line

My line descends from Abraham Bryant of Reading, MA and his wife Mary Kendall.  Abraham was born 1647 in England.  Has his line been traced in England?


Willis - Dianne's Father's line

Richard Willis born 1745 married Drusilla Pearson Barnett about 1744 in Spartanburg County, SC.  Drusilla is listed as the first child in the Bible of Joseph Barnett & Lucy Wade.  She is listed as Drusilla Pearson in the Willis Bible.  Where did the name Pearson originate?  Had she been married before Richard?  Who were Richard's parents?


Rinehart/Sibert - Henry's Mother's line

  I've looked everywhere for information on the father of George Rinehart who was reportedly killed by Indians during the Revolutionary War.  What was his name?  Was his mother Barbara, the daughter of Conrad Henshaw (Henshue) who mentioned them in a will 1806 Wythe County, VA?  Who were the parents of his wife Hannah Sibert?


Robinson/Carlton - Dianne's Father's line

    Have not been able to prove that Peter Roger Robinson was descended from Christopher Robinson of Virginia.  Have not been able to prove he went to the Medical College of Virginia as family said he did.  Have not been able to connect his wife Mary Ann Carlton to the Edward Carlton Line of Virginia.  Help!


Would love to correspond with anyone on the above lines & welcome any additions or corrections. The information in the data files represents research I have done along with family information shared with us by others. I hope you enjoyed this site & feel free to contact us at blankenstein@prodigy.net .


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