James Monroe Conaway & Sallie Valencia "Linnie" Bryant
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        JAMES MONROE CONAWAY was the son of Patrick Henry Conaway who was in the Hardware and Tinsmithing business in Rome, Georgia. At the age of 9 after his father's business had been destroyed by flood, the family moved by train and covered wagon from Rome to Chattanooga to Whiteright, Grayson Co., Texas, where Patrick farmed. JAMES MONROE CONAWAY married SALLIE VALENCIA "LINNIE" BRYANT in 1902 in Tyler, Texas, where he was farming. They moved to Chandler, Texas, where they lived until 1910 when they moved to Brandon, Texas, in Hill County. JAMES was a rural mail carrier, serving Route 1out of Brandon for 25 years. He retired in 1934 after 31 years of service, and moved to Hillsboro.


From letters from daughter Alice Ruth Conaway Kendrick

"I talked to a lady this week who owned the house where we used to live in Brandon. They bought it from a Loan Company after we left Brandon. Apparently the people that Daddy sold it to could not pay for it. She said she wanted a door enlarged--so a carpenter found that the supporting joists or beams were 8x10 inches. Square nails were used in the building of the house. The supporting foundation on which the floors were laid were rail road cross ties. She said the lumber for the house was hauled by wagon from East Texas--before the rail road was built. Some people named Giles built the house in 1883."

"I checked out one of the Hill County books from the school library. The following writeup was in the Brandon section. 'J. M. Conaway and J. C. Coates were rural mail carriers out of the Brandon Post Office, J. M. Conaway for 30 years. He rode a horse at first when delivering the mail. Her name was 'Dolly.' In the summer he would use 'Dolly' to plow the cemetery. Later he delivered mail by motor cycle and still later by car.' Jack and Jill Conaway were listed as members of a good baseball team from Brandon." (Jill was nick name for WENDELL.)


The State of Texas Marriage Record
County of Smith

To any Regularly Licensed or Ordained Minister of the Gospel, Jewish Rabbi, Judge of the District or County Court, or any Justice of the Peace in and for any County--Greeting:

You are hereby authorized to Solemnize the Rites of Matrimony between Mr. JAMES CONAWAY and Miss LINNIE BRYANT and make due return to the Clerk of the County Court of said County, within sixty days thereafter, certifying your action under this License. Witness my official signature and seal of office, at office in Tyler, the 27" day of Dec 1902      Jno. A. Lott     Clerk County Court, Smith Co.

I, W. C. Stallings hereby certify that on the 28" day of December 1902, I united in Marriage Mr. JAMES CONAWAY and Miss LINNIE BRYANT the parties above named.
Witness my hand, this 15th day of Jan 1903
W. C. Stallings L. E. M. E.
Church South

Returned and filed for record the 3" day of March 1903, and recorded the 8" day of April 1903               Jno A. Lott         County Clerk


1900 Henderson County, Texas Census vol 57 ed 58 sh 5 ln 13 p 101A 80/80 #92 Patrick H.Conaway Head W M Apr1849 51 m24yrs Ga Ga Ga Farmer rent farm
Martha E.       wife W F Oct 1856 43 m24yrs Ga Ga Ga 9 ch 6 ch living
Etta                 dau W F Sep 1877 22 single    Ga Ga Ga
JAMES M.     son W M May 1882 18 single Ga Ga Ga Farmer
Robert R.        son W M Aug 1886 13 single Ga Ga Ga at school
Herbert           son W M Sep 1888 11 single Ga Ga Ga "

1910 Brandon, Hill County, Texas Census ed 174 sheet 92 vol 76 p995B 88/92 JAMES M. CONAWAY Head M W 27 m7yrs Ga Ga Ga Rural Route Farmer
LINNIE        wife    F W 26 m7yrs Ala Ala Ala    owned farm House
Bryant           son     M W 6 single   Tex Ga Ala
Windell         son     M W 5 single   Tex Ga Ala


1920 Brandon, Hill County, Texas Census vol 95 ed 60 sh 1 ln 22 5/5 CONAWAY, JAMES Head M W 37 m Ga US US mail carrier rural route
LINNIE                       wife    F W 36 m Ala Ala Ala
Bryant                          son    M W 16 s Tex Ga Ala
Wendell                        son    M W 14 s Tex Ga Ala
Thaxon                         son    M W   7 s Tex Ga Ala


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