Patrick Henry Conaway & Martha "Mattie" Elizabeth Roebuck
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          PATRICK HENRY CONAWAY was born in Gordon Co., Georgia. He married MARTHA "MATTIE" ELIZABETH ROEBUCK in Rome, Georgia. PATRICK was in the Hardware and Tinsmithing business with his Father-in-law Robert Willis Roebuck. Their place of business was located between two rivers. PATRICK's son Herbert Conaway told that containers of red paint used for painting barns were spilled over the contents of the hardware store during one flood. A couple of floods virtually ruined their business. Since the merchandise was destroyed they decided to give up and move. They left with thousands of dollars owed to them and moved to Grayson County, Texas, probably about 1891. Herbert Conaway said they came on a train from Rome to Chattanooga to Grayson County - he was still nursing a bottle at the time.

    PATRICK's son James Monroe Conaway told how they loaded everything even the stove onto covered wagons to bring down to Texas. They first stopped at Whiteright, Texas, but later moved to Tyler, Smith Co., Texas. Here PATRICK's father-in-law, Robert Willis Roebuck, went into the tinsmith business and PATRICK began farming. At one time the Conaway's were Catholics. They were known to follow the Catholic rules of planting-- on Good Friday, etc.


1850 Gordon Co. Georgia CENSUS p. 066
Wells Walker with
Benjamin F. Conaway 25 M W GA
Helena                        25 F W GA
PATRICK H.              1 M W GA

1860 Gordon Co. Georgia Census - Post Office - Calhoun p. 263 122/131
Benjamin F. Conaway 34 M W Farmer Ga
Helena                        34 F   W            Ga
PATRICK H.             11 M  W            Ga
Sarah G.                       7 F   W            Ga
Susan N.                      5 F   W            Ga
Marshall                      1 M   W            Ga


1880 DeSoto City, Rome District, Floyd County, Ga
vol 9 ed 62 sh 29 line 21 p 104B next to Robert Roebuck 80/93         CONNAWAY, P. H.      30 Ga Ga Ga Works in Tin shop
                         MATTIE 23 Ga Ga Ga Keeping house
                         Etta           3 f dau (were twins)
                         Elma         3 f dau (is a son)


1900 Henderson County, Texas Census vol 57 ed 58 sh 5 ln 13 p101A 80/80 CONAWAY, PATRICK H. W M April 1849 51 m24yrs Ga Ga Ga                    Farmer Rented farm #92
MARTHA E.         wife W F Oct 1856 43 m24yrs Ga Ga Ga 9 ch 6 living
Etta                        dau W F Sep 1877 22 single   Ga Ga Ga
James M.                son W M May 1882 18 single Ga Ga Ga Farmer
Robert R.                son W M Aug 1886 13 single Ga Ga Ga at school
Herbert                   son W M Sep 1888 11 single Ga Ga Ga "


1920 Smith County, Texas vol 148 ed 94 sh 8 ln 72 Farm 166/168      CONAWAY, PAT H. Head M W 70 m Ga Ga Ga Farmer
MATTIE                        wife F W 63 m Ga Ga Ga
Etta                             dau F W 41 single Ga Ga Ga



To any Judge, Justice of the Peace, or Minister of the Gospel: You are Hereby Authorized to Join P. H. CONOWAY and Miss MATTIE E. ROBUCK in the Holy State of Matrimony, according to the Laws of this State, if they are such persons as are by law authorized to marry, and for so doing this shall be your license.

Given under my hand and official Seal, this 30 day of Decm 1876 H. J. Johnson SEAL Ordinary

I Hereby Certify, That on the 31st day of December 1876 P. H. CONAWAY and MATTIE E. ROBUCK were lawfully joined in the Holy State of Matrimony by me. Wm H. La Prade M.G. Recorded by me this 16 day of Nov 1879 H. J. Johnson Ordinary


A HISTORY OF ROME AND FLOYD COUNTY (GEORGIA) by George Magruder Battey, Jr. The Web & Vary Company Atlanta, Georgia 1922 p. 301

PATRICK CONAWAY, said to be residing in Texas, was a well-known and efficient tinner of Rome. In 1890 he contracted to repair the stove in the hall of Cherokee Lodge No. 66 in the Masonic Temple, and also to fix the roof so the weather would not beat down upon the assembled brethern. He was due to start the job one morning, but decided he could mend the stove at night and thus save time. Climbing the long stairway with a repair kit, he opened the lodge room door, when out dashed a white object like a streak of greased lightning, upsetting the stove and sending clinkers and soot all over the floor. The stove pipe must have hit PAT, for he emerged with some fine smudges of soot. It was not known which got to Broad Street first -- the biped or the quadrupled -- but neither hit the stairs many times coming down. PAT lost his hat and didn't stop until he had reached a corner light, there to "review" himself. It is said PAT never went back for his tools, nor did he mount the roof to complete his undertaking. Asked by a committee from the Lodge, he said, "Faith, I never bargained for to be chased out by the bloody goat! And now, begorra, he will nivver be caught again, and you will be foriver blamin' me!" The "goat" was a white bird dog left in the hall by a hunter member.




Henry W. Conaway died Dec 1st 1879
Georgia Conaway " July 20, 1894
Marguret Helena Conaway Aug. 1896
MATTIE E. CONAWAY November 17, 1937
P. H. CONAWAY July 19, 1933
Z. F. Conaway Oct. 31, 1952
J. M. Conaway January 23, 1955
Etta Conaway March 26, 1957
E. C. Conaway May 12, 1959
Robert Conaway July 31, 1939


PATRICK H. CONAWAY was borned April 4, 1849
Elma Conaway borned Sept 25 1877
Etta Conaway Borned      "   "     "
Henry Wells Conaway Borned April 23 1879
Zephia Conaway Borned November 20 1880
James M. Conaway Borned May 28 1882
Robert Ramsouer Conaway Aug 4th 1886
Herbert Conaway was borned Sept 1st 1888
Georgia Conaway Conaway " May 18, 1894
Margaret Helena Conaway " July 56, 1896


PATRICK H. CONAWAY & MATTIE E. CONAWAY was married Dec 31st 1876 


This Certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between P.H. CONAWAY of Rome Geo and M. E. ROEBUCK of Rome Geo on Dec 31, 1786 at by Rev LaPrade


Book HH p153-4 1886 Floyd Co, Ga

J. A. Clements )              Georgia
Administrator of )            Walker County
J. L. McCullough )          Whereas J. L. McCullough of Floyd
to )                                 County, Georgia now deceased did in his
P. H. CONAWAY )       life time make and execute a bond for
"Lot in H" Ward" )          title to P. H. CONAWAY gave to said McCullough notes for the purchase moneyof said Land; And whereas we of said notes because and & in as not paid and judgement was entered against said CONAWAY in the City Court of Floyd County Georgia in the same which judgment has not been paid And whereon it will be warrant to sell said Lot of Land for the payment of the purchase money Now therefore this Indenture made and entered into between J. A. Clements administrator of the estate of J. L. McCullough late of Floyd County, deceased of the first part and P. H. CONAWAY of the second part. Witness that for and in consideration of the sum of One Thousand five hundred dollars the said J. A. Clements Administrator as aforesaid does hereby grant bargain sell and convey unto said P. H. CONAWAY the following real estate to wit: Lot No. 23 in Block "H" on Mill St. in what was formerly the town of DeSoto but is now known as the Fourth Ward of the City of Rome, Floyd County, Ga. fronting on Mill St. Ninety feet more or less To have & to hold said tract or parcel of Land together with all the rights, members & appurtenances thereunto appertaining to him the said P. H. CONAWAY his heirs executors administrators and assigns to his and their own proper use benefit and behoof forever in fee simple And the said J. A. Clements as Administrator as aforesaid will warrant and forever defend the right and title to said described property against the claims of himself & of all other persons whatsoever in witness whereof said J. A. Clements Administrator as aforesaid has hereto set his hand & affixed his seal this 26th day of October 1886.
Signed sealed & delivered )
in presence of )      J. A. Clements SEAL
R. L. Love )          Adm of the Estate of
W. J. Love )          J. L. McCullough decd
J.P. )

Filed & Recorded
November 22, 1886
A. E. Ross, Clk


Texas State Department of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics
Standard Certificate of Death

Place of Death State of Texas County of Smith
City - Tyler Texas
Full name - Mrs. MATTIE E. CONAWAY
Female White Married
Husband - P. H. CONAWAY
Date of birth - Oct 2, 1856
Age 75 years 1 month 16 days
Trade - Housewife
Born Rome, Ga.
Father R. W. Roebuck born Miss
Mother Joe Ann Barnes born Ga. (incorrect - Joannah Barber)
Informant Mrs. W. R. Stephens Dallas, Texas
Burial Beaird Cem. 11-19-1931 (is Baird Cemetery)
Undertaker - Burks-Walker Und Co. Tyler, TX
Date of Death Nov 18, 1931 11:30 a.m.
Cause - Cerebral Hemorrhage
D. T. Bundy, M. D. Tyler, Texas


Texas State Department of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics
Standard Certificate of Death Registrar's No. 98

Place of Death State of Texas County of Smith
City - Tyler, Texas Rte #2 - 8 miles W. of Tyler
Male White Widower died - July 19, 1933
Date of birth - April 14, 1849
Age 84 years 3 months 5 days
Trade - retired farmer
Birthplace - Calhoun, Georgia
Father's name - Ben Conaway birthplace - Ga.
Mother's name - Elizabeth Walker birthplace - Ga.
Informant Etta Conaway Tyler, Texas
Burial - Beards Cemetery July 20, 1933 (is Baird Cemetery)
Undertaker - Burks-Walker Und Co. Tyler Texas
Date of Death - July 19, 1933 death said to have occurred 1:20
p.m. The principal cause of death - Sensithli, & Appaplexy Left
side, arm & leg. D. T. Bundy M.D. Tyler, Tx Rte 2


Illness Fatal to PATRICK CONAWAY Confederate Vet  Funeral service for PATRICK HENRY CONAWAY a confederate soldier who died Wednesday afternoon about 1:30 o'clock will be held Thursday morning at 11 o'clock at Pleasant Hill Retreat church with the Rev. Mr. White, pastor of the church officiating. Burial will follow in Baird Cemetery, nearby with Ricks-Walker Undertaking Co. in charge CONAWAY died after a six-week illness of paralysis. He was born in Calhoun, Ga. April 14, 1849 and he had lived in Smith County for the past 25 years. He was a member of the Methodist church. Survivors include five sons Elma Conaway of Chandler, Zeff Conaway of Rusk, J. M. Conaway of Brandon, Texas, and Robert and Herbert Conaway of Tyler, one daughter Miss Etta Conaway, also of Tyler, and one brother Clint Conaway of Royce City, Texas. Pallbearers are to be Buford Sanders, Luther Clanahan, B. Dietz, Elkner, Drew Sanders and Leo Carter.

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