Adam Ferguson
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Archives of the Pioneers of Tazewell Co, Virginia Yantis 975.5763Y

Page 268 Annotated Enumeration of All Taxpayers – 1801 to 1820

Ferguson, Samuel 162

1801 2 , 1802 2 , 1803 2 , 1804 1 none after that

162 Charles M. Thompson, now dec’d. formerly of Detroit, Mich. Conducted considerable research on this family. A copy of his "tentative" record of the family of Samuel Ferguson, Sr. was sent to this author by Mrs. F. L Farnsworth of 1120 Allison Street, Newton, Kansas 67114 (whose own ancestor was a Joel Ferguson, 1797 in Lee Co, Va. & m. 1st Elizabeth ___, 2nd Betty Polly Bowen Ferguson on 15 Oct 1856 in Wayne Co., Va. – son of Obediah Ferguson who is not yet proved of the Samuel Ferguson line). Mr. Thompson’s record: "Samuel Ferguson, son of ADAM FERGUSON, born in North Ireland in 1744. Said to have come to America with four brothers and some cousins, the rest of their families remaining in Ireland.


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