Arthur Nunnally & Rachel Couch
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Our Nunnally/Nunley Family - Some Descendants of Richard Nunnally by Jean Nunley Dennison

References on page 122:

March 21, 1878 - John and ARTHUR witness Carter deeds, Chesterfield County.

1788 - John is on Buckingham County tax lists with tithables, ARTHUR and Josiah - Buckingham County VA Personal Property Tax Lists in Virginia State Archives, Richmond.

References on page 125:

1788 - ARTHUR NUNNALLY was tithable in the home of John, the first year John was in Buckingham County

1789 - ARTHUR was in the home of Josiah Nunnally on Buckingham County Tax List

1790 - ARTHUR was head of his own household there, and by 1810 he had an extra free white male tithable in his home

Beginning 1805, ARTHUR’s son appears on Buckingham County Land Tax List, reading: "John, son of ARTHUR."

1812 - ARTHUR is deceased:

1812 - Buckingham Land Tax Records reads: "ARTHUR NUNNALLY dec’d."

1812 & 1813 - Personal Property Tax List reads: "ARTHUR NUNNALLY Est. & Son."

Page 126

The 1814 list does not include ARTHUR’s estate, but two new household appear instead: Bartley Nunnally and RACHEL NUNNALLY. The total number of slaves owned by Bartley and RACHEL is the same as in ARTHUR’s estate the previous year. For years 1815 through 1818, "James B." is listed instead of "Bartley." RACHEL NUNNALLY’s entry continues through 1822.

ARTHUR’s widow RACHEL and sons John C. and James B. all migrated to Madison County, Alabama, where we found extensive material in court records after 1822.

July 7, 1823 - RACHEL NUNNALLY married in Madison County Alabama, Samuel Allen.

Mr. Linder Metts Jr. of Meridianville Alabama lists his ancestor as DANIEL ARTHUR NUNNALLY.

Three children of ARTHUR and RACHEL are John C. Nunnally, James Bartlett Nunnally and Nancy J. Nunnally Lewis.

Page 131:

July 5, 1823 - RACHEL NUNLEY records Deed of Gift to her children: James B. Nunley and John C. Nunley of Madison County, Alabama; and Nancy J., wife of Harden P. Lewis, of Morgan County, Alabama - Madison County AL Deed Book H, p. 569. Two days later, RACHEL NUNNALLY married Samuel Allen.


Buckingham Land Tax Summaries & Implied Deeds 1782-1814 975.5634 Ward

Volume 1 pp.226-7

NUNNALLY, A. 1807 - sold 100 AC to David Nowlin.

NUNNALLY, ARTHUR. 1794-1811. Deceased/Estate: 1812 to 1814. Bought: 1796 - 100 AC from John Nunnally. 1802 - 161 AC from R. Cottrell. 1806 - 50 AC from James Amos. 1813/1814 Location: Estate a resident, land on Georges Creek 18NE), residence of his widow. In 1806 John son of ARTHUR listed.

Nunnally, John. 1789 to 1804. Deceased 1805 to 1812. Sold: 1796 - 100 AC to ARTHUR NUNNALLY. 1799 - 400 AC to Gad Blankenship. 1805 - Deceased sold ½ of land where he lived (169 AC) on Sharps Creek (16NE) to Curtis Nunnally ½ of land where he lived to Peter Voden, 1/3 of his land to Ellinor Nunnally and sold 102 and ½ AC to John Nunnally, son of Arthur. 1807 - Deceased sold 102 and ½ AC on Sharps Creek (15NE) to Betsy Nunnally, and land to Branch Nunnally.

NUNNALLY, John, son of ARTHUR. 1805 to 1814. Bought: 1805 - 102 and ½ AC from John Nunnally deceased. 1813/1814 Location: a resident, land on Sharps Creek (15NE).

Volume 2 p.266

NUNNALLY, ARTHUR. Estate, 1815 to 1822. Sold: 1819 - 250 AC to John C. Nunally, sold by J. B. Nunnally. Loc: on Georges Creek (18NE).

NUNNALLY, John C., of son of ARTHUR. 1815 to 1819, 1823. Bought: 1818 - "lined out" was 169 AC from Peter Voden (but in 1819 he was owner of 169 AC on Sharps Creek (15NE). 1819 - 250 AC from James B. Nunnally. 1823 - 250 AC on Georges Creek (18NE), from Battlesby Ballowes agent. Sold: 1823 102 and ½ AC (15NE to Bennett Maxey; also he and ?Racheal L.? sold 220 AC (18NE) to W. B. Sanderson.


In a book Our Texas Grandparents The Hamilton Sisters Volume 1 compiled by Virginia Lee (Meador) Cox-LeMay

Page 39 - she states that Emiline Mildred (Lewis) Walker’s bible showed the name of Hardin beside Nancy Ingram. That reference & John C. Nunnally as one of the Administrators of Hardin P. Lewis’s Estate Settlement let her to the Nunnally connection.

Virginia shows a Deed of Gift From RACHEL NUNLEY to daughter Nancy I Lewis.

[Note by Dianne: I have obtained a copy of the original deed & I believe it says Nancy J. Nunaly. The middle initial for Nancy seems to be the same as the first letter in the name James & John. Other references show her to be Nancy Jane Nunnally. I wonder if she could have been previously married to a Mr. Ingram before she married Hardin Perkins Lewis.]

Book H Page 569 Madison County, Alabama July 7, 1823 Deed of Gift

RACHEL NUNLEY      } State of Alabama Madison county

TO     } Deed of Gift      } Know all men by these presents that I RACHEL

James B. Nunley & ali     }NUNLEY of the sd State and County for and in consideration of the natural love and affection that I bear to James B. Nunley, John C. Nunley of the sd, State and County and Nancy J. Lewis (wife of Hardin P. Lewis) of Morgan County & said State as well as for the further consideration of one dollar to me in hand paid by the said James B. Nunley for himself as well as for John C. Nunley and Nancy J. Lewis at or before the unsealing of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have given granted, and by these presents do give and grant unto the said James B. Nunley, John C. Nunley and Nancy J. Lewis their executors administrators and assigns. That is to say to Nancy J. Lewis a Negro man Harry about twenty-five years old, unto the said Nancy J. Lewis her executors administrators forever, & I do hereby as aforesaid give and grant unto the said James B. Nunley a Negro man named Buck about twenty-five years old and a Negro boy named Samuel about nineteen years old unto him the said James B. Nunley his heirs assigns executors and administrators and I do hereby as aforesaid give and grant unto the said John C. Nunley one Negro woman named Hannah eighteen years old and one Negro boy named James about seventeen years old unto him the said John C. Nunely his heirs assigns & (e?) and I do further five and grant unto my tow sons James. B. Nunley & John C. Nunley equally between them three head of horses one yolke of oxen one cow and all my household furniture & plantation lands and my part of the crop now growing to them the said James B. Nunley and John C. Nunley their heirs assigns executors & administrators forever and the said RACHEL NUNLEY for herself has been executors administrators the aforesaid property and every part and parcel of it as it is here described, given and allotted unto the said James B. Nunley, John C. Nunley and Nancy J. Lewis their executors administrators heirs and assigns against the claim of her the said RACHEL NUNLEY her executors administrators or assigns and against the claim or claims of all and every person or persons whatsoever shall and will warrant and forever defend them by these presents. In witness whereof I have hereby hereunto set my hand and affixed by seal this 5th day of July AD. 1823. HB erasure 9th line from the bottom

Test                                                     her

John C. Gibbons                  RACHEL  X  NUNLEY

Robert W. Roberts                              mark

Branch R. Roberson


Book 53 Page 185-6 Madison County, Alabama Written September 1, 1828  Will of John C. Nunnally Probated October 27, 1828

In the name of God Amen

I John C. Nunnally of the County of Madison and State of Alabama being weak of body but of perfect and sound mind and memory do make constitute and ordain this to be my last will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to say - First I recommend my Soul to God who gave it, and my body to be buried in a decent and Christian manner by herein after named Executors - And as touching my worldly Estate, I give and dispose of it in the following manner viz….Mother - RACHAEL NUNNALLY - one Negor man James…Wife - Elvira A. M. Nunnally…mentions land bought of Aaron Root & land sold to Christopher Price [Elvira remarried by 1833 to Thomas Strong]. Children: 1. William A. Nunnally 2. Brightberry A. Nunnally 3. Horace A. Nunnally - Infants 4. Mary E. F. A. Nunnally & 5. Mildred Nunnally