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Origins of the Baker Family name - Border Country of Scotland and England

Components of the Coat of Arms - The Shield is: Silver with a blue cross on which there are five silver shellfish, and at the top a lion on a silver stripe.


Henry's Mother's line 

Descendants of ?James Baker

 Generation No. 1

1.  ?JAMES1 BAKER was born 1750 in South Carolina, and died 1833 in DeKalb County, Georgia. Child of ?JAMES BAKER is:

  1. THOMAS ADKINS2 BAKER, SR., b. 1782, Chesterfield Co, South Carolina; d. August 13, 1860, Cherokee Co, AL.


Generation No. 2

THOMAS ADKINS2 BAKER, SR.1) born 1782 in Chesterfield Co, South Carolina, and died August 13, 1860 in Cherokee Co, AL.  He married ELIZABETH DAVIS.  She was born 1788 in South Carolina, and died 1856 in Cherokee Co, AL.  Children of THOMAS BAKER and ELIZABETH DAVIS are:

  1. ISAAC S.3 BAKER, b. 1805, South Carolina; d. Aft. 1860.

  2. JAMES BAKER, b. 1807, South Carolina; d. 1888.

  3. EZRA STEPHEN BAKER, b. 1811; d. 1895.

  4. ELIZABETH J. BAKER, b. 1813; d. 1860.

  5. JOHN L. BAKER, b. 1819, South Carolina; d. 1885; m. CINTHIA.

  6. SUSANNA BAKER, b. 1824; d. 1891; m. (1) DEMPSEY; m. (2) GREENWOOD.

  7. DANIEL D. BAKER BAKER, Daniel D. b. Dec. 12, 1826, SC, and d. Nov. 26, 1908, Forney, Cherokee County, Alabama.  He m. SUSAN C. WHITEHEAD Baker, Susan C. Whitehead b. May 6, 1833, and d. Nov. 7, 1891, Forney, Cherokee County, Alabama.
  8. SARAH ANN MELINDA BAKER b. 1828; d. 1928; m. WHITEHEAD.

  9. HIRAM S. BAKER, b. 1830; d. 1862.

Generation No. 3


ISAAC 3  BAKER  (THOMAS ADKINS2, ?JAMES1) born 1805 in South Carolina, and died Aft. 1850.  He married PATSY.  She was born 1804 in South Carolina. Children of ISAAC BAKER and PATSY are:

  1. ?ELMYRA CAROLINE4 BAKER, b. 1821.
  2. ?NANCY ANN BAKER, b. 1826.
  3. MARTHA L. BAKER b. 1828, DeKalb, Georgia; d. January 07, 1887,  Lonoke, Arkansas.
  4. SARAH "SALLY" BAKER b. 1830, DeKalb, Georgia; m (1) Hopkins ?(2) Roberts.
  5. FRANKY BAKER b. 1832, Georgia.
  6. NEWTON BAKER ?Baker, Pvt Newton J. b. Jul. 4, 1833, Georgia, and d. Jan. 12, 1912, Coffee Co, AL.
  7. ISAAC W. BAKER, b. 1837, Cass County, Georgia.
  8. MARY BAKER b. 1840, Cass, Georgia.

Generation No. 4

MARTHA L.3 BAKER (ISAAC S.3, THOMAS ADKINS2, ?JAMES1) born 1828 in DeKalb, Georgia, and died January 07, 1887 in Lonoke, Arkansas.  She married MARCUS L. DOZIER Abt 1848, son of WILLIAM DOZIER and ELIZABETH.  He was born 1830 in Georgia, and died Bef. 1880 in Tennessee. 

This family is continued on the DOZIER family page


SARAH "SALLY" B.4 BAKER (ISAAC S.3, THOMAS ADKINS2, ?JAMES1) born 1830 in DeKalb, Georgia.  She married HOPKINS.  Children of SARAH BAKER and HOPKINS are:

  1. ISAAC W.5 HOPKINS, b. 1854, Cherokee County, Ala.

  2. SARAH A. HOPKINS, b. 1856, Cherokee County, Ala. She m. ROBERTS.


ISAAC W.4 BAKER3, THOMAS ADKINS2, ?JAMES1) born 1837 in Cass County, Georgia.  He married ELIZABETH.  She was born 1837.  Child of ISAAC BAKER and ELIZABETH is:

  1. JOHN J.5 BAKER Baker, J. J. b. 1859, Cherokee County, Ala, and d. 1937 Forney, Cherokee County, Alabama