Daniel Louis Bailey & Selina Chloe Eaton
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DANIEL LOUIS "LOUIE" BAILEY was born in Ohio. According to the 1880 Census, both of his parents were born in Virginia. In 1910 & 1920 he said that they were both born in Ohio. His family moved to Michigan where he married SELINA CHLOE EATON. SELINA was born in Michigan and her parents were born in New York.

Several years after their marriage, LOUIE and his family along with SELINA's parents & brother Josh Eaton, moved to Lonoke County, Arkansas where all their children lived and died.

SELINA's maternal Grandparents were Salisbury's. The family story goes that the Salisbury's originally were from the British Isles. A Grandfather Salisbury returned to England to claim the family inheritance. The family later learned that his ship sank on the way back to America with the inheritance and Grandfather aboard.

Like all the Baileys, LOUIE was a Methodist. Lonoke County, Arkansas has a deed of land from Louis Bailey to J. V. Ferguson, August 15, 1904, Book 52, page 510. This is son Louis Arthur Bailey and wife Jennie.

Aileen Dozier Blankenstein
Mrs. F. V. Wadley - California


Will of Richard Bailey Ferris, Montcalm Co, Michigan Estate inventoried: 13 May 1865

Know all men by these presents, that I Richard Bailey of the town of Ferris in the county of Montcalm and state of Michigan being in good health and of sound & disposing mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me at any time heretofore made. And as to my worldly estate, and all the property, real, personal, or mixed, of which I shall die seized and possessed or to which I shall be entitled at the time of my decease, I give, devise, bequeath, and dispose thereof in the manner following, to wit.

First. My will is that all my just debts and funeral expenses shall, by my executor hereafter named, be paid out of my estate, as soon after my decease as shall by them be found convenient.

Item. I give, devise and bequeath to my son DANIEL LEWIS BAILEY my dwelling house, and lands known and described as follows to wit the North half of the North west quarter and the South east-quarter of the North west quarter and the North east quarter of the South west quarter of Section thirty two in Township Eleven North of Range No five west in the County of Montcalm and state of Michigan containing one hundred and sixty acres of land be it the same more or less. To Have and to hold the same to him, the said DANIEL LEWIS BAILEY, his heirs and assigns, to his and their use and behoof forever,

2d I give, devise, and bequeath to my beloved wife Jane M. Bailey our Bed and bedding and my son DANIEL LEWIS BAILEY shall maintain and support her, or if she shall so choose he shall pay her one hundred dollars a year in lieu thereof, so long as she shall live.

3d I give, devise, and bequeath to Each of my sons Hugh R. Bailey, Perry Y Bailey, and Samuel T. Bailey one dollar to be paid by my executor out of my estate.

4th I give, devise, and bequeath to each of my daughters Ursula F. Fach, Vashti Ann Bitttler, and Mary J Lemastres one dollar to be paid by my executor out of my Estate.

5th All the rest and residue of my Estate, real, personal, and mixed of which I shall die seized and possessed or to which I shall be entitled at my decease, I give devise, and bequeath to said son DANIEL LEWIS BAILEY.

And lastly I do nominate and appoint my said son Perry Y. Bailey to be the executor of this my last will and testament.

In testimony whereof, I, the said Richard Bailey have in this my last will and testament contained on one sheet of paper subscribed my name and affixed my seal this twenty fifth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and sixty.

Signed, sealed, Published, and }
declared, by the said Richard }               Richard Bailey SEAL
Bailey as and is his last }
will and testament, in the }
presence of us, who at his }
bequest met in his presence, }
and in the presence of }
each other have subscribed }
our names as witnesses thereto}
Levi Camburn
John W. Smith


Montcalm County, Michigan Marriage Records File #1-132.

State of Michigan} LS

Montcalm County} This is to certify that DANIEL L. BAILEY of the town of Ferris, County of Montcalm and State of Michigan aged twenty one years and SALINA C. EATON of the town of Crystal, County of Montcalm, State of Michigan aged fifteen years, were by me united in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony on the nineteenth day of April A.D. 1863

In presence of {Revenue}
Enos P. Drake {Stamp } Micajah Douglass
Selina McGee {10 cts } Justice of the peace
Entered July 17th 1863            F. Case   Dept-Clerk


1860 Montcalm Co, Michigan Census page 15

Richard Bailey 64   M   Va     Farmer
Jane M.           60   F    Va
DANIEL L.    18   M   Ohio  Farm labor
John Smith      16   M   Ohio  Farm labor


1870 Crystal, Montcalm County, Michigan Census

p52 148/148    BAILEY DANIEL  27 W M   Farmer Ohio Living
                        SALINA                 23 F W Mich Keeping House   next to her
                        Clara                         6 F W Mich                           Parents -
                        Demaris                     4 F W Mich                           Levi & Adaline
                        Adaline                      3 F W Mich                           Eaton
                        Levi                     2/12 M W Mich


1880 Lonoke County Arkansas Census

51/52 BAILEY, DANIEL L. 38 Ohio Va Va
          SELINDA C. 33 Mich NY NY
          Demaris         14 Mich Ohio Mich
          Adeline          12 Mich Ohio Mich
          Levi               10 Mich Ohio Mich
          Arthur L.          8 Mich Ohio Mich
          Mary J.            4 Ark   Ohio Mich
          Richard            2 Ark   Ohio Mich


1900 Lonoke Co, Arkansas Census Eagle Township

vol 23 ed 80 sh 3 ln 63 p277B 48/48  owned farm #50 free

DAN BAILEY Head W M Mar 1842 58 m37yrs Farmer     Oh Va Va  
SILINA            wife  W F May 1847 53 m37yrs                  Mich NY NY 12 children 10 alive
Sam                  son   W M Mar 1881 19 m1yr Farm laborer Ark OH Mich
George              son  W M Sep 1886 14 Farm laborer                 "
Joshua W.         son  W M Aug 1888 11                                     "
Maud      dau-in-law  W  F Oct 1877 22 m                            Ark Tenn Tenn

Bailey, Levi                                        29 Mich
Rebecca J.                                         32 Ala
Clyde                                                   6 Ark
Leo                                                     4 Ark
Bailey, Lewis A.                                 28 Mich


1910 Eagle Township Lonoke Co, Ark Census p 87

Richard Bailey Head         31 m 10 years                             Ark Oh   NY
Mattie             Wife           27 m 10 years 4 children 2 living Ark Tenn Ark
Florence           dau             5                                              Ark Ark   Ark
Bertie               dau             2                                               Ark Ark   Ark
Pearl Glover Sis-in-law     15                                               Ark Tenn Ark

DAN L. BAILEY Head    68 m 46 years                              Oh  Oh    Oh
SLINA C.       Wife          63 m 46 years 12 children 7 living NY Eng Eng
Joshua             Son            21                                                Ark  Oh  NY


1920 Eagle Township, Lonoke Co, Arkansas Seet 9 Jan 17-19, 1920

Lived on Little Rock & ?Dearse road  

183/189  BAILEY, DANIEL Head 77 OH  OH    OH      Retired Farmer
                               SILINA           72  NY AtSea England 

183/190   Bailey,     Joshua     Head 31   ARK OH   NY     Farmer
                               Lovina      Wife 21    ARK ARK ARK
                               Utley     Son 2 11/12 ARK ARK ARK

184/191  Bailey,      Richard   Head 41    ARK OH NY Farmer
                                Mattie             36    ARK ARK ARK
                                Irvine Dau       15    ARK ARK ARK
                                Pascal Son 1 5/12   ARK ARK ARK
              Glover,       Howell Father-in-law 62 ARK ARK ARK Carpenter


Death Certificate for SALINA CHLOE (EATON) BAILEY #1126

Information on Certificate:
She was born Michigan May 17, 1847
She was a widow
She lived in eagle Township, Lonoke Co, Arkansas
Her father Levy Eaton was born in New York
Her Mother Adeline Salsberry was born in New York
She died December 11, 1930 of Old Age
She was buried in Glover Cemetery 12/12/1930
Information by L. A. Bailey Lonoke, Arkansas


Deed Abstract Montcalm Co., Michigan
VOL K page 50
Residence: Ferris, Montcalm County
Grantee: Jane M. Bailey
Residence: Ferris, Montcalm County
Price $400

All that certain tract or parcel of land lying and being situate in the township of Ferris, County of Montcalm and State of Michigan and known and described as follows: To wit the North half of Northwest quarter of section thirty-two (32) in township eleven (11) North of Range five (5) West. Containing eighty (80) acres according to the United States Survey be the same more or less.

Signed: DANIEL L. BAILEY & SALINA C. BAILEY September 4, 1865 
Witness: Albert S. French & Perry T. Bailey
Acknowledged: September 4, 1865 before Albert L. French, JP
Recorded: September 5, 1865 at 9:00 a.m. A. Lyon Dpt. Reg.

On June 17, 1867 Jane M. Bailey , then living in Macon County, Missouri
sold the land to Charles Macomer for $250
Montcalm Co, MI Deed Book Vol 0 page 169

[Jane M. Bailey was the second wife of Richard Bailey III - father of DANIEL LOUIS BAILEY. Perry T. Bailey was DANIELís brother.]


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