Duke Lorenz Assel & Marie
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Origins of the Assel Family Name - England

Components of the Coat of Arms - The Shield is: Gold on a blue horizontal stripe between three hazel slips, three crescents. The Crest is: A squirrel cracking a nut between two oak branches. 

In 1833 at the marriage of his daughter in Siegersleben, Germany, Lorenz Assel was a supervisor on a farm in Siegersleben. Lorenz was a Duke - of noble descent. On their daughter's birth certificate his wife's last name was Kunnemann, but on their daughter's marriage license it was listed as Kolher.  According to church records Marie Elisabeth Kunnemann's mother died when she was born November 16, 1808.

Gertrude Danker (Hans Friedrichs' daughter) - 1982
Daughter's birth and marriage information from Siegersleben, Germany