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Descendants of ?William Durham

Generation No. 1  


  1. ACHILLES2 DURHAM, b. 1740, Virginia; d. 1810, Spartanburg County, South Carolina.

Generation No. 2  

ACHILLES2 DURHAM (?WILLIAM1) born 1740 in Virginia, and died 1810 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.  He married (1) MARY CATES 1770 in Orange County, South Carolina.  She was born 1754 in Orange County, North Carolina, and died November 13, 1794 in Cleveland, North Carolina.  He married (2) EDITH March 31, 1808 in Rutherford County, North Carolina.  She was born 1750 in Virginia, and died 1814. She was the widow of WILLIAM HICKS - father of Berryman Hicks who married Elizabeth Durham - daughter of Achilles Durham. Child of ACHILLES DURHAM and MARY CATES is:

  1.  ELIZABERTH3 DURHAM Hicks, Elizabeth Durham  b. January 30, 1779, Orange County, North Carolina; d. April 24, 1846, Spartanburg County, South Carolina.  She m. BERRYMAN THEODORE2 HICKS Hicks, Rev Berryman (WILLIAM1) was born July 01, 1778 in Rutherford County, NC, and died June 11, 1839 in Little Buck Creek, Spartanburg County, South Carolina.



Below are PROPOSED ancestors for ACHILLES DURHAM that are found in various Ancestry trees.  I have not been able to find valid documentation to support this as being his correct lineage.  Documentation from WILLIAM DURHAM b. 1700 to ACHILLES DURHAM as his son, is non existent.  Information concerning the below lineage is found on the page for ACHILLES DURHAM and MARY CATES.

The lineage for Mary Cates, wife of Achilles Durham is also unclear.

Proposed Durham lineage:

1. William DURHAM. Born About 1322.Died during the reign of Prince David Bruce who reigned until 1371.
2. Michael DURHAM. Born About 1397.
3. John DURHAM. Born About 1457.
4. Thomas DURHAM. Born About 1480.
5. John DURHAM. Born About 1507.
6. Alexander DURHAM. Born After 1525.  Minder of the Royal Mint.Married Janet ERSKINE, daughter of John ERSKINE, Baron of Dun.Living in 1525.  6th Baron of Grange.
7. William DURHAM. Born About 1554. Ancestor of the DURHAMs of the Grange. 7th Lord of Grange
8. William DURHAM. Born About 1609. 8th Lord of Grange
9. William DURHAM. Born After 1609.9th Laird of Grange (Durham 1990).
10. William DURHAM. Born Before 1700 in England. Died inVA. He married Elizabeth CATES. Born Before 1710. Died inCleveland Co., NC. William, was lineally descended from William, 9th Laird of Grange

11. Achilles DURHAM. Born About 1750 in England?/NC?/VA?. Died About 1810, buried in Buck Creek Ch.Cem., Spartanburg, SC.He first married Mary Unica CATES, 1770 in Orange Co., NC.Born Before 1755 in VA. Died Before 1806 in Cleveland, Rutherford Co., NC. Mary Utica Cates was the dau of Richard Cates possibly, b. abt 1732 and Elizabeth Smith.  Richard was son of Robert Cates & Elizabeth brother to Thomas Cates on the Cates page.