Elizabeth Conaway
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Who was Elizabeth Conaway?  Was her maiden name Turner since she named a son Turner Conaway?

She was too young to be mother of Henry Conaway b 1784.

She probably had at least 3 sons - John, Aaron, & Turner  - they all migrated together.  Who were the men these sons named their children after ?  Did any of them use the old naming plan of 1st son after wife's father & 2nd son after their father?  

Per later census they were all born in SC.  1880 Census Turner & John both show both parents born in SC.

Elizabeth was born 1770 SC.

Declaration of Independence 1776 & Revolutionary War started then.

When she drew for land in 1832 Georgia Lottery she stated that she was a Widow of a Revolutionary Soldier.  Proof was not required - only an oral oath.   No record can be established to prove this fact. Did he serve for SC or did he serve from another state & migrate to SC during or after the war?  Or did she make up the story to get land.