Greenberry Chaney
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Dianne Blankenstein believes that this could be the the son of Benjamin Cheney & his cousin Ruth Cheney. GREEN BERRY CHANEY was born August 1740 in Maryland and served in the Revolutionary War in Virginia & received land for this service. It is believed that this was the land in Franklin Co, Ga that was granted in 1785 to his heirs for their fatherís Revolutionary War Service. Henry Karr was the administrator for his estate since his children were under age in 1779 when Green Berry Chaney died.  The 1791 estate returns mention Manuel Chaney & P. Chaney as having some of the property of Green Berry Chaney in their possession.  Dianne believes these are 2 of his heirs and the Manuel Chaney is Emanuel Chaney.

1790 Georgia census shows Moses Chaney & Green Berry Chaney in Wilkes County & Emanuel Chaney in Washington County. Emanuel moved by 1798 to Washington County, Mississippi Territory later Alabama. Dianne Blankenstein wonders if Moses, John, and Emanuel were the minor heirs of GREEN BERRY CHANEY born in 1740 Maryland, that were mentioned in his inventory papers. She believes this Emanuel Chaney to be the father of Peyton & Green Berry Chaney II of Alabama.

The administrator of the estate of GREEN BERRY CHANEY, who died in Wilkes County, GA, in 1779 was Henry Karr who was married to Ann Chaney. Henry Karr was the son-in-law of Benjamin Burgess Chaney of Wilkes County & also administered his estate in 1782, which contained land in South Carolina. Dianne believes this Benjamin Burgess Chaney was the Burgess Chaney b. 1727 to John Chaney and Ann Burgess - first cousin to GREEN BERRY CHANEY b. 1740. Henry Karr also filed in Green Co, Georgia (next to Wilkes Co) for administration for the estate of Moses Chaney killed 1796 in Hancock Co, Ga.

John Chaney who died in 1838 in Wilkes Co, Georgia., lists his wife as Aline; his sons as Aquilla, Thomas B., John Jr, William O; and his daughters as Julia Scoggins, Margaret Chambers, Drusilla Drozier, Elias Boswell, Hariett Formly, Malissa B, and Rhoda Ann. It is not known how they are connected, but he is possibly another of the minor heirs of GREEN BERRY CHANEY.

In 1775 there is a reference to a GREEN BERRY CHANEY in the roster of servicemen in Romney, Hampshire Co., W. Va. Also the AMERICAN GENEALOGICAL - BIOGRAPHICAL INDEX V 27 Shows GREEN BERRY CHANEY b 1740 served in the Virginia military during the Revolutionary War - VA:143. 

Index to the Headright & Bounty Grants - GREENBERRY CHENY (heirs of) Franklin Co., Book FFF, p. 438 received 287 1/2 acres in 1785. (Georgia) This was for Revolutionary War Service. Georgia's Roster of the Revolution lists a G. CHANEY. Early Records of Georgia - Wilkes Co. show a GREENBERRY CHANEY, decíd est. Henry Karr, admin, Returns 1791. Paid 2273 paper dollars in 1779 to Wm. Moore. Folio 34 in Wilkes County shows GREENBERRY CHANEY, dec'd. Henry Care appointed Admr. Dec. 4, 1782.

The Maryland Historical Magazine shows GREENBURY CHANEY was paid twice for services in the French Indian Wars during the year 1757-8. Once for 55 days service and once for 14 days service. Maryland Historical Magazine Vol. 34 p. 136. "GREENBERRY CHENEY, a resident of Annapolis, asked him to send a set of Theobald's 'Shakespears', Swift's 'Works", & the 'Spectator' and particularly requested that they be on good paper and neatly bound." Wallace, Davidson, & Johnson Order Book I, 167. 14 October 1773 GREENBERRY CHANEY.

From the above information it appears GREEN BERRY CHANEY I was still in Anne Arundel Col, Md., in 1773. By 1775 he was in the service in W. Va., and it appears he also served in Va. during the Revolution. It is believed this is the same GREENBERRY Chaney that died in Wilkes Co, Ga. in 1779. He was fairly young since he had minor children - names & number not recorded.

The name Cheney comes from Mt. Cheney, Cork County, Ireland.



Vol 9

p. 275 French & Indian Wars 1757-8

GREENBERRY CHANEY 55 days service 440 2..15..0

to Capt. Moses Chaplines Muster roles

p. 357 GREENBERRY CHANEY 14 days service 112 0..14..0



Vol 34 p. 136 GREENBERRY CHANEY, a resident of Annapolis, asked him to send a set of Theobald's Shakespeare, Swift's Works & the Spectator & particularly requested that they be on good paper & neatly bound." 48

Wallace Davidson & Johnson Order Book I, 167


[Annapolis is the county seal of Anne Arundel County, Md.]



Vol I p 43 Mixed Records - Wills - AdministrationS - Deeds 1777 - 1778

Folio 34 GREENBERRY CHANEY, dec'd Henry Cox XXXXXXXXXXXXX appointed Administrator 4 Dec 1782

Vol II p. 213 Loose papers in Judge of Court of Ordinary - GREENBERRY CHANEY dec's Estate Administered by Henry Karr Returns 1791 pd 2273 paper dollars in 1779 to William Moore.



p. 143 List of militia pd at Romney in 1775




p. 29 Deed Bk H.

Page 114: DEED dated Green Co., Ga. 5 Nov 1792, rec. (nodate), from Henry Karr of aforesaid to William Arthur of Wilkes Co., Ga. In cons of 100 pds. conveys 287 1/2 ac in Franklin Co. adj. the Wilkes Co. line, granted to the heirs of GREEN BERRY CHANEY 19 Jan 1785, Signed "H. Karr." Witt: Stephen Moore, Jno Shropshire, J.P.



p. 378 CHANEY, G.


THE WILKES COUNTY PAPERS 1773-1883 Davis 975.8172D

p. 85 GREENBERRY CHANEY Appraisement 1783

Inventory of estate of GREENBERY CHANEY , 24 June 1783, [s] Wm. Downs, Edward Wyants, and Silvanus Walker. [Estate consists of 200 acres land and two watches needing repair. No indication that this was recorded.]



Location of Grant    Grant Book Page  Acres Granted  Year of Grant

p. 107 CHENY, GREENBERRY  (heris of)

        Franklin                FFF       438         287 1/2         1785

p. 302 Reel 241-62: 365. CHANEY, GREENBERRY



Benjamin Cheney, b 10 Oct 1687; m Jun 1719 Ruth Cheney; he was taxable in Patuxent Hundred, Prince Georgeís Co. in 1719 and 1733 (BB); children (BCF).

1. Sarah Cheney, b 25 Apr 1720; m. 15 Dec 1746 James Murphy

Ruth Cheney, b 20 Jun 1722

Benjamin Cheney, 20 Jun 1722

Elizabeth Cheney, b. 20 Dec 1726

Richard Cheney, b. Nov 1730

Jacob Cheney, b. May 1733

Eleanor Cheney, b. 26 Feb 1738


Thomas Cheney, b. Jul l1743

Register Folio (34) Wilkes County

By Barnard Heard Esq Etc

To Henry Care Planter ?Va.


Where as GREENBERRY CHANEY Late of this county Likely died

Intestate leaving whilst he lived and at the time of his Death Devise Goods Rights and Credits within the County aforesaid by means which of the Full Disposition and Power of Granting the administration of all and Singular the Goods and Chattels of the said Deceases and the auditing the accounts calculation and Reonanry of the said administration on and final Division of the same to me is many Firstly known to be Lawyer I Defining that the Goods Rights and Credits be well and truly administered Converted and disposed of do hereby Grant unto Henry Care Planter in whose Fidelity I very much confined full Power by the Final of these Presents to Administer the Goods and Chattels of the said Decd which to him in his lifetime and at the time of his Death Did belong and to ask Lvy Recorded & Received the Same and to pay the Debts in which the Intestate Said Obliged as Fore forth as his Good & Chattels will Entered According to the Rates and order of Law of an Equal Nature and average -- being First Sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God to make a true and Perfect Inventory thereof and to Exhibit the same into the Registers office of this country order to be Recorded on or before the First day of March next Insuring and to Render a just and true account Calculation and Reancey thereof when their was Required the said Administration when thereunto Required and I ordain

Debute Constitute and appoint you the said Henry Care Administrator of all and singular the Goods Rights and credits of the said Deceased.

In testimony where of I have set my hand and Seal

this 4th Decbr and in the year of our Lord 1782

B. Heard JP


Register Folio (35) Wilkes County

by Barnard Heard Esq Etc

These are therefore to authorize you whose names are here under written to Report to all Sarah Wayts and Please as you shall be Domited unto by Henry Kare Administrator of all and singular the goods and Chattels of GREEN BERRY CHANEY late of this County Decd where so was any of the said Goods & Chattels are as do Remane within the said Rents and places as Shall be Therein into you by the Said Henry Karr Administrator and there on and appraise Every of the Said Goods and chattels being first sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God to make a true and Perfect Inventory & appraisement thereof and to cause the same to

be Entered from under your hand as any three of you unto the said Administrator on or before the 4th day of March next kow insing

given under my hand and seal this 4th day of Decm

in the year of our Lord 1783

Bernard Heard



Wm Downs Esqr

Edward Nagans

Silvester Walker

Three cows & two calves L7..10-1

One Bay mare & Roan Colt --10--

One small house at L10 - one Bareheam plow WJ 26--1

One Ax at 7 one Pot at 15 one howe at 4 1-2-

One Bead of 12 - fore head of hogs at F3 - 51 5 - 5

One Flax wheel at ? account against Cole Coleman 100-0-

One cow and calf at 4 of - one mare and colt at 10 12 - 0 -

State of Georgia Nov in 22 day 1783 the appraisers

December 2 1783 John Cason

B. Heard John Cole

Silas Bain



Karr Bill against the Estate of GREEN BERRY CHANEY Decd.

C. Chaney Decd


The estate of GREENBERRY CHANEY to Henry Karr

1st March L S D


To a mare at 40 0 0

To a Case of pistols at 7 0 0

To paid the Registers office the )

Letters of Administration & Warrants of apprt) 2 0 0

To attending the Letters of Administration & )

making Returns of sd Estate 4 days at sd hr Day) 2 0 0

10th March

to cash 1779 20 2273 paper dollars credit by 120

Dollars paid by P. Chaney to William Moon so

riding 1 day to Value Land 16the June 1783 & Expenses 1 15 0


In the Hands of Moses Harris of the Estate of GREENBERY CHANY and

Dun mare value L25-0-0

In the Hands of Manuel Chaney of sd GREENBERY CHANY Estate and of

Hand of 2 150L s currency

Taken from Wm. Clark in surety of payment of a Horse that sd

Clark took by Force of arms

From sd G. CHANEY's Estate

A memorandum of the sale of the Estate of GREENBERY CHANEY

Deccesd Decessd


Memorandum of the sales of the Estate of GREENBERRY CHANEY Held

by Henry Karr Administrator 12th & 13th November 1783 To a claim of 200 acres of Land Lying on Hard Creek where Oliver Mathes formerly settled and improved sold for light pound Bought R. H. Karr

To Two Silver watches out of Repair L4 + by H. Karr---------

around L 12=0=0



Karrs Bill against the Estate of GREENBERRY CHANEY Decd


The Estate of GREENBERRY CHANEY to Henry Karr 1st March 1779

To a Mare at 40 0 0 L

To a care of estate 7 0 0

To paid the Legersters offices Thorn

Letters of Administration & warrants of

Appointment 2 0 0

To attending the Letters of Administration

& making returns of the Sd Estate

4 days at 6s pr Day 2 0 0

to cash 1779 - 337.3 paper Dollars

Credit by L20 Dollars paid by P Chaney To ? 1100

To ? to value Land

16th June 1782 & Expenses 1 15 0


Memorandum of the Sales of the Estate of GREENBERRY CHANEY Held

by Henry Karr Administrator 12th & 13th November 1783.

To a claim of 200 acres of Land Lying on Hardin Creek Where Olliver Nathen Formerly settled & improved. Sold for light pound bought by H. Karr to two Silver Watches out of Repair L4 by H. Karr

Amendum L 12 0 0


Memorandum of the sale of the Estate of GREENBERRY CHANEY Deccesd

In the Hands of Moses Harris

The Estate of GREENBERRY CHANEY and make Ordered L 25 0 0

In the Hands of Manuel Chaney of the said GREENBERRY CHANEY's estate a note of Hand of 150 L s Currency. Take From Wm. Clark in surety of payment of a Horse that sd Clark took by Force of arms from Sd G. CHANEY's Estate.





Granted as a Ref____

25th May 178?

Registered as a City ______


State Georgia

That is to certify that GREENBERRY CHANEY was one of those worthy

citizens that fled from British ?ution and took refugee in these States and During his refugeeship acted as a faithful soldier from under my hand this 20th of May 1784

By his order Elijah Clark, Colo

Thos Mitchell



heirs of


287 1/2 acres


Franklin Cou

No 479

Four Hundred & Seventy nine


To John Gorham surveyor for the County of Franklin

You are hereby authorized and required to admeasure

out, or cause to be admeasured and laid out, unto GREENBERRY

CHAINEY, heirs a Tract of Land

shall contain Two hundred & eight seven 1/2

the said County of Franklin

Taking special care that the same has not heretofore been any other person or persons: And you are hereby also directed required to record the plat of the same in your office and copy thereof, together with this warrant, to the survey within the Term of three months from this Date

Given under my Hand, this twenty fifth Day of May

1784 John Ha____

Portion of warrant of survey is missing.



State of Georgia

By the Honorable Samuel Elbert, Esquire, Captain General, Governor and Commander in Chief, in and over the said State. To all to whom these presents shall come, Greeting: Know ye that in pursuance of the Act for opening the Land Office, and by virtue of the powers in me vested, I have, by and with the advice and consent of the honorable the executive council, given and granted, and by these presents, in he name and behalf of the said State, do give and grant unto the Heirs of GREENBERRY CHANEY their heirs and assigns forever, all that tract or parcel of land containing two hundred eighty seven and one half acres, situate, lying and being in the county of Franklin in the said state and butting and bounding South West by vacant land, north west by Knox's land, northeast by Washington County line, and on all other sides by Henry Kair's Land (On Bounty) G. Elbert having such shape, form and Marks, as appear by a plat of same hereunto annexed; together with all and singular the rights, members, and appurtenances thereof, whatsoever, to the said tract or parcel of land belonging, or in any wise appertaining; and also all the estate, right, title, interest, claim and demand, of the state aforesaid of, in, to, or out of the same; To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land, and all and singular the premises aforesaid, with their and every of their rights, embers, and appurtenances, unto the said Heirs of GREENBERRY CHANEY, their heirs and assigns to them and their own proper use and behoof forever, in fee-simple.

Given under my hand in council, and the great seal of the said state this nineteenth day of January in the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and eighty five and in the Ninth year of American Independence Signed by his honor the Governor in council the 19th day of Jany 1785.

Geo: Handley Clk Council

Registered the 20th Jany 1785


141 Franklin County

Surveyed by virtue of a

warrant from under the hand

of the Honble. Jn. Habersham

Esafe Aresd. of the Executive

Map Council dated the 25th day May

1784 & Executed the 13th June

following by ?? Depy Surveyor

Bounty Warr No. 479


Scale of 20 Cross Inch XXXXX