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Celena (Lena) Jane Russell Smith

Her Ancestors, Descendants and Collateral Kinsmen

Section VII - The Lemans

Compiled by

Mathew Lee McHugh 30 April 1974 and

Celena Russell Smith McHugh Columbia, S. C.

Page 483 - 197 The Lemans (Lemants, Lamons, Lemmonds)

p. 174-175 of The Old Stone Church pub 1905 by Dr. R. N. Brackett incorporated in this book. The article Lemant and Walker Families was from information furnished by Mrs. Annie Lee Hudson Hill, of Washington, Georgia.

The Lemant family left Scotland, in the vicinity of Loch Lomond, and settled in the North of Ireland for religious freedom. James Lemant was born at Dumfane, County Antrim, Ireland. He married Martha, the daughter of JAMES SMYTH. She was born in Killifleugh, County Antrim. The marriage ceremony was performed in a church fifteen miles from Belfast, near Ballymana.

In 1773, the family emigrated from Belfast to America, as cabin passengers. A son, Smyth Lemant, supposed to be the eldest son, was left with an uncle in Bristol. England. Their five children and Martha Lemant, three brothers Robert, George and James Smyth, came with them. The children were: Jane, usually called Jeannette; Narcissa; an infant, who died on the voyage; Robert and John. The vessel landed at Charleston, S. C; from there the family went to Chester Co., S. C., and settled in the vicinity of Fishing Creek Church.

During the Revolutionary War, this family were staunch Whigs. Many interesting stories can be told of the bravery of their men and women. James Lemant was killed in the Revolutionary War. Robert, George and James Smyth left no descendants.


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