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This book indicates that Nicholas Lewis who died about 1698 was likely the son of JOHN LEWIS and SARAH NICHOLS.  It shows that Zachary Lewis the Immigrant was a brother to Nicholas Lewis.  The lineage this way would make the family claims about Nicholas' son Owen being kin to Zachary the immigrant correct.  Since the names Zachary and Nicholas are carried down through the Owen Lewis line - that gives the lineage this way more credence. 

I (Dianne) believes that the lineage for Nicholas is the Pioneer Lewis Families by Cook showing him as the son of Major John Lewis is incorrect.

Robert Lewis goes on to explain that Zachary Lewis was the son of JOHN LEWIS of Stratton Major Parish New Kent (King & Queen) County as pointed out by Michael Lewis Cook in Vol. 5, p. 107 of  PIONEER LEWIS FAMILIES.  Mr. Lewis believes that some confusion to his parentage may result from the similarity of Bychan (Small) to Brychan, the name of the founder of Breconshire.  The book includes family pedigree charts as found in P. Bartrum's Welsh Pedigrees and in Lewis Dwnn.

The evidence of Zachary's father is based on "JOHN LEWIS headright of Henry Corbin 15 Sept 1658 for land in the Whorecock (Exol) Swp. area where Christopher and Zachary Lewis later pat. land was prob. the same as the JOHN LEWIS, servant, mentioned in the will of Rowland Burham, d. 1655, whose widow, Alice Eltonhead Burnham, married Henry Corbin.  That this JOHN LEWIS was the son of Richard Lewis of Burnham Ck. is suggested by the fact that he had 3 tithables in 1654/5 but only 2 in 1655/6.

"John Lewis pat. 550 acres with Edward Rowe in this area in 1663. (Nugent, C & P.Il, p. 451).  Edward Rowe was a well known Quaker who moved to Talbot Co., Md. (Va. Mag. v. 15, p. 180; Md. Arch. v.54, p. xxv.)  Both the Shackleford and Waller families had land adj.  Edw. Roe:  See Wm. Skelton and Chas. Roan pats.  (Nugent C & P II, p. 219-220). Zachary Lewis' sister Sarah had married Francis Shackleford (Essex Co., Deeds, XII (1704-7) p. 372; and Zachary Lewis II (1702-1765) married Mary Waller (Hayden, Va. Genealogies, p. 381).

"7 March 1720:  Letter of Atty from Matthew Coz to Zachery Lewis proved by the oaths of Zachary Lewis and JOHN LEWIS.  (Middlesex Co., Order Bk 5, 1710-1726, p. 514).

"7 February 1743: Middlesex Co., Will of Henry Tuggle: 100 acres purchased by my father fr. Richard Lewis... Wit John Lewis, Jr.

April 1775:  Middlesex Co., Wm. Taliferro & Wm. Collier ex. of Wm. Tuggle, ag. Eusubias, 'Saby' Lewis and Richard Allen...Wit. Zachariah Shackelford (Court Papers 1754-1758)."

In Virginia the arms from Lewis (Ednywain Ap Bradwen) of Abernant Bychan, Cardiganshire, Wales were used by the Zachary Lewis family.

The Chart of JOHN LEWIS I, Son of Richard Lewis (D. ca. 1670) indicates that JOHN LEWIS of Petsoe Par. Glost. Co. married SARAH, dau. of Henry Nicholas (?) (Neighbor of Richard Lewis) and had the following children:

1.  John Lewis II of Stratton Major Par. New Kent Co. (K&Q) = (1681) Eliza. dau of Thomas OBrissell of Christ Church Par. Middlesex Co.  Issue:

    a. John Lewis III (b. ca 1683) = Eliza. ca 1708. Had issue: sons: John (1719), Thomas (1720), Richard (1724) daughters: Mary (1710), Eliza. (1713), Susana (1717), Marg (1722) (prob. others bapt. in Stratton Major Parish) incl. Griffin, Bur. 1d

    b.  Thomas Lewis (b. 1691), left 100 acs. by Thos. OBrissell 1698.

    c.  Eusebius Lewis (b. 1693/4), left 100 acs by Thos OBrissell 1698. = Mary Loyall 1716.  Had Issue:  sons: Wm. (1716), John (1717), Usebius (1722), Wm. (1728), Matthew (1730), daus: Ann (1720), Mary (1725), Srah (1733).

2.  Richard Lewis (?) (d. 1698) = Eliza. (widow prestd. will Middlesex Co.)

3.  Sarah Lewis = Francis Shackleford of Essex Co. (Son of roger Shackleford, land adj. Edward roe's in Petsoe Par.)   Had issue.

4.  Zachary Lewis I of St. Stephens Par. New Kent Co. (K&Q) -  known as The Immigrant - married Mary Walker.

5.  Henry Lewis (?) (1673) Headright New Kent Co.

6.  Nicholas Lewis (?) (d. 1698) 350 acres. 1704 Quit Rent List.  Had Issue

7.  Thomas Lewis owned 115 acs. New Kent Co. 1704 Quit Rent List. 



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