John Nunnally & Martha Curtis
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Our Nunnally/Nunley Family - Some Descendants of Richard Nunnally by Jean Nunley Dennison

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March 1, 1735 - Inventory of Elizabeth Puckettís estate included payments to Curtis Kates and JOHN NUNNALLY - Henrico County VA Deeds, Wills 1725-1737, p. 552

August 20 1745 - JOHN NUNNALLY patented 246 acres Henrico County, Virginia, beginning at William Gatesí corner on Thomas Bassí line. Henrico County VA Patent Book 22, p. 403

July 20, 1765 - JOHN NUNNALLY bought 100 acres in Dale Parish, Adjoining William Gates; witnesses included Margaret and Jane Nunnery. - Chesterfield County VA Deed Book 4, p. 528


Henrico County, Virginia Deeds 1706-1737 975.5453 Weisiger

p.7 page 56

Deed John Curtis of Henrico Co., Planter for love and affection to my daughter MARTHA, now wife of John Cate, planter of Charles City Co., to them both. If MARTHA has no children by this or other husbands, the land goes to my youngest daughter Mary. Land is 100 acres, being part of 308 on main branch of Proctors Creek, sold to me by Richard Ligon, Surveyor of Henrico Co. Dated 1 Oct 1707

Wit: Thomas Osborn, Simon Jeffreys

Signed: John (+) Curtis, Mary Curtis Recorded 1 Oct 1707


p.28 page 100

John Curtis of Henrico Co., planter for love and affection to my daughter Mary Besely, wife of Robert Besely, planter in Charles City, Co. (but if my daughter dies without issued, then to my eldest daughter MARTHA) 100 acres, part of 308 acres on Proctors Creek, conveyed to me by Richard Lygon, next to Capt. John Worsham. Dated 1 Oct. 1711

Wit: William Soane, Fran. Patram, Richard Ligon

Signed: John (X) Curtes, Mary Curtes

Recorded 1st Mon. in Oct. 1711

Mary, wife of Curtis, relinquished her dower right


p.49 page 91 June 1716

John Elam of Henrico Co., to John Cates of same, for L 15, 100 acres, part of a tract taken up by Martin Elam, Sr. on south side of Proctors Creek on the great branch, next to Robert Beasley.

Wit: John Pride, Arthur Mosley, Jr.

Signed: John (+) Elam Recorded 4 June 1716

Mary, wife of Elam, relinquished her dower right.


p.166 page 677 3 Dec. 1737

Richard Nunnally of Henrico Co., to his brother JOHN NUNNALLY of same, for L 10/6/4, 88 acres, being all the land given said Richard by will of his father Richard Nunnally, decíd, bounded by said JOHN NUNNALLY, John Archer, John Farley, Sr., Joseph Farley and Proctors Creek.

Wit: Arthur Moseley, Martha Moseley, John Green

Signed: Richard (RN) Nunnally Recorded 1st Mon. Dec 1737

Mary, wife of Richard, relinquished her dower right.


1720 Reconstructed Virginia Census

NUNALY, JOHN Henrico 8:49

NUNNALY, JOHN Henrico 8:54

8 = Henrico Co. Court Minutes Book 1719-1724 Reel 4


Colonial Wills of Henrico Co, VA pt 1 1654-1737 Weisiger 975.5459

p.116-7 page 118

Will of Richard Nunaley

To son Richard, tract where he now lives, joining John Fareley, Jr.

To son William, 10 shillings, when of age

To son Daniel, the plantation he hath cleared and builded, joining Henry Walthall, Sr. and John Farley. Daniel shall give his brother Joseph the plantation 3 years, rent free, and 100 lbs tobacco All my lands on north side of the swamp

To son JOHN; and if he dies, to my grandson James Nunaley, son of Richard. JOHN to give his brother Joseph 10 shillings.

To son Walter, all the rest of my lands; Walter to give his brother William 200 lbs of tobacco when William of age

To my wife Sarah, this plantation for life, and at her death to son Walter; and wife to be executor

Dated 29 March 1722

Wit: John Worley, John Blankenship

Recorded July 3, 1727


Henrico County, Virginia Deeds 1737-50 Weisiger 9795.5453

p.69 Court Orders 1737-1744 December Court 1737 page 12

Richard Nunnary to JOHN NUNNARY, deed. Mary, wife of Richard, relinquished her dower right.

Part 2 1737-1781

September Court 1739

p5. Page 89 Sarah Jackson produced the will of William Jackson, proved by oath of John Blankenship and William Turner, two witnesses; JOHN NUNNALLY and John Blankenship, sec.

Court 6 March 1720

p.157 page 75 Will of John Harwood presented by Catherine Harwood, his executrix, and proved by John Russell and James Aken; JOHN NUNNALLY, security.


Chesterfield County, Virginia Deeds 1749-56 Weisiger 975.5594

p.33 page 375 26 Feb 1753

Richard Belcher of Chesterfield Co. to William Thompson, Gent., of same, for L 20, 2 tracts, one being plantation I live on, 100 acres; and other being plantation where William Tanner lately lived.

Wit: JOHN (+) NUNNALLY, Michael Clay, John Ward

Recorded 4 May 1753


p68. Page 294 20 April 1755

John Dale of Chesterfield Co. to Thomas Robertson of same, for L 6, 60 acres bounded by Northcutís corner, Richard Norcut, Robert Reickman, Thomas More, Joseph Blankinship and JOHN NUNNALLY.

Wit: Jas. Elam, Gilbert Elam, William (W) Blankinship

Recorded 2 May 1755


Chesterfield County, Virginia Deeds 1756-64 Weisiger 975.5594

Deed book #3, 1755-1759

p.3 page 42 1 April 1756

Robert Rickman of Chesterfield Co., to JOHN NONELY of same for L 22, land at head of Horsepen Branch of Skinquarter Creek, 150 acres, with plantation where said Rickman now lives, bounded by Thomas Rickman, Thomas Bass.

Wit: Thomas Bass, Joseph Blankinship, Nathíl Tanner

Signed: Robert Rickman, Elizíth (E) Rickman

Recorded 7 May 1756. Elizabeth, wife of Robert Rickman,r elinquished dower right.


p.21 page 280 JOHN NUNNALLY of Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co., to his son John Nunnally of same, for love & affection, gives him 175 acres being land and plantation where my said son lives. 7 July 17589

No witnesses Signed: JOHN ( ) NUNNALLY Recorded 7 July 1758


p.29 page 26 25 April 1760

JOHN NUNNALLY of Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co., from John Dale and Tomas Robertson of same, for L 10, 63 acres adjoining RicAhrd Northcutt, Thomas Moore, Joseph Blankinship, Henry Blankinship and JOHN NUNNALLY.

Wit: Archelaus Nunnery, Thomas Nunnery, Jane (J) Nunnally

Signed: John ( ) Daile, Thomas (+) Robinson, Elizabeth (+) Robinson

Recorded 4 July 1760


p.54 page 528 20 July 1762

Peter Blankinship of Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co., to JOHN NUNNALLY of same, for L 25, 100 acres in Dale Parish, bounded by William Gates, Skinquarter road, Richard Belcher, Isham Belcher and Lodowick Blankinship.

Wit: Peter (+) Blankinship, MARGRET (+) NUNNERY, Jane (+) Nunnery

Signed: Peter (+) Blankinship, Ann (+) Blankinship

Recorded Aug. 1762


p.59 page 600 11 Jan. 1763

Jacob Ashurst of Chesterfield Co., to Robert Ashurst of same, for good causes, land on Turkea branch, on Benjamin Gipsonís line, next to Thomas Gipson, Miles Gipson and Turpin, 200 acres.

Wit: John Burton, Miles Gipson, John (M) Moody, JOHN (+) NUNELY

Signed: Jacob Ashurst Recorded 1 April 1763


p.60 page 605 11 Jan 1763

Robert Ashurst and John Ashurst of Lunenburg Co., to Jacob Ashurst of Chesterfield Co., for L 50, 400 acres on south side of Turkea branch adjoining Wooldridge, Flornoy and said Jacob.

Wit: John Burton, Miles Gipson, John (M) Moody, JOHN (+) NUNELY

Signed: Robert (+) Ashurst, John (X) Ashurst Recorded May 1763


p.62 page 644 27 March 1764

Isham Belcher of Chesterfield Col, to Thomas Moore of same, for L 20, 73 acres on Deep Creek, being land formerly held by Richard Balcher and ajoining William Clay and JOHN NUNNERY.

Wit: James Elam, Joseph Blankinship, William Blankinship

Signed: Isham (+) Belcher Recorded July 1764


1760 Reconstructed Virginia Census


    Daniel Jr. - Chesterfield 33:69

    Daniel Sr.         "

    Jane                 "

    JOHN             "

    John Jr             "


    Archelous         "

    Thomas             "


Chesterfield County, Virginia Wills 1749-1774 Weisiger 975.5594

p.? page 159 Will of JOHN NUNNALLY 9 May 1765

To son John, 1 shilling

To son in law Elam Farmer, 1 shilling

To grandchildren Elam Farmer, Jr. and Martha Farmer, 1 shilling

To daughter Sarah Jackson, 1 shilling

To son in law Gilbert Elam, 1 shilling

To my late daughter Jane Elam, decíd, to her child, 1 shilling

To daughter Ann Flournoy, 1 negro Cesar

To daughter Margaret Nunnally, 1 negro named Doctor

To daughter Rebecca Nunnally, 1 negro

To son Archelaus, 150 acres with plantation he lives on, land I bought of Robert Rickman, and 1 negro

To son Jeremiah land I bought of Peter Blankinship, 100 acres, 1 negro, and items

To son Thomas, part of land I live on, on south side of Spring Branch, also to him negroes and items, and he is to give his brother Jeremiah L 10 when he is of age

To wife MARGARET, use of plantation I live on for life, except part I gave son Thomas, and all land 306 acres to said Thomas entailed him; also to wife negroes

Executrix; wife MARGARET

Wit: John Ellis, Agnes Markham, Nath. Tanner

The land I gave Archelaus by will, he has sold to his brother in law John Ellis. To son Jeremiah, 1 negro girl

Dated 19 Oct 1765

Wit: Nath. Tanner, Elam Farmer


p.143 page 733 6 June 1766

Will of JOHN NUNNALLY presented by MARGARET NUNNALLY, Exec., and proved by Ellis and Markham and by Elam Farmer


p.144 page 770 3 October 1766

Will of JOHN NUNNALLY further proved by Nathaniel Tanner, a witness.


Library of Virginia Archives Web Site

Patents No. 22 1743-1745 page 403-4

JOHN NUNNALLY 20 August 1745 Henrico Co.granted 246 acres begg at William Gatesís corner white oak standg. In Thomas Basses line.


Patents No. 25 1745-1747 page 249-50

Joseph Farley, 12 January 1746 Henrico Co. granted 44 acres begg. &c. on the south side of Proctors Creek. Adjoining land of JOHN NUNNALLY.