Karl Christian Kreder & Christaine Wilhelmine Knapple
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Karl Christian Kreder was born in Stuttgart, Germany, August 2, 1823. His Godparents were Johann Friedrich Zweigle, a vine dresser by trade, and Anna Maria and Joh. Friedr Hoschele, vinedressers.

Christiane Wilhelmine Knapple was born in Stuttgart, Germany January 8, 1825. Her Godparents were Gottlieb Friedrich Wiedmajer, a brick or tile maker in Zuffenhausen; Maria Friederika and Joseph Friedrich Erben, small farm owners in Stuttgart; and Christiana Wilhelmina and Henrich Veyhl, a carpenter.

Like his father Karl was a vine dresser in Stuttgart by trade. Karl brought his wife and some of their children to America about 1880. Other grown sons and daughters remained in Germany.

Two of their children Karl & Louise never married. They are buried together in Whitney, Texas.

Their daughter Carlena Kreder married George Gruener (Greener). Their son Ernst Hermann Kreder married Martha Minnie Hessel who came from Baden Baden, Saxony, Germany, with her family at the age of 4.

Karl died of TB before Ernst married Minnie in 1894. After Karl's death Christiane lived with Ernst and his family. When Christiane Kreder died it was her request not be buried by her husband since he was so mean to her when he was alive. She was buried in Gerald, Texas.

Herman Henry Blankenstein, Jr., a great-great-grandson of Karl Kreder has the family sword which came from Germany. The sword was used for many years to chop cabbage for kraut. It was once a beautiful, ornate sword with carved dog's heads on the handles, but it was badly damaged in the fire when Minnie and Ernst Kreder's house burned.


GERMANS TO AMERICA Glazier & Filby 929.308931  V35 V38

Ship: Zeeland                                                      Ship: Belgenland
From: Antwerp                                                   From: Antwerp
To: New York                                                    To: New York
Arrived: 28 May 1880                                        Arrived: 27 May 1881                      
KREDER, KARL 56 M Unknown                      KREDER, CHRISTIAN  56 M Farmer    (was mother)
Helene                  16 F Germany to USA            Carl                                  16 M
                                                                           Herman                               8 M


1910 McLennan Co, Texas Census ed 110 sheet 109 vol 199 Sheet 12B

Herman Kreder Head   M W  37 m16yrs   Ger Ger Ger owned farm 185 free
Minnie               wife     F W   33 m16yrs   Ger Ger Ger 5 ch 5 alive
Herman              son     M W 15 single        Tex Ger Ger
Annie                 dau     F W  14 single        Tex Ger Ger  
Mary                 dau       F W 11 single        Tex Ger Ger
Elsa                   dau      F W   9 single         Tex Ger Ger
George               son     M W  2 single         Tex Ger Ger
CHRISTIANA mother  F W  84 wid           Ger Ger Ger spoke German


Aileen Dozier Blankenstein
Records from Aderhold Funeral Home - West, Texas
Anna Caroline Kreder Blankenstein
1900 McLennan Co., Texas Census records
Karl & Christiane's marriage license from Germany
Karl & Christiane's birth certificates from Germany