Matthew Barber & Joannah Weldon
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MATTHEW BARBER, born 1767 in North Carolina; died May 11, 1859 in Butts Co., Ga. Married Feb 24, 1803 Mrs. JOANNAH JOHNSON who died Sept. 15, 1866. Children: George W. and Josiah W.

Appendix - The MATTHEW BARBER cemetery is located 5.8 miles east of the Butts County Court House on Highway 16 out of Jackson, Ga.






p. 4 Butts Co. Deed Book A

Jan 16, 1826 Neill Monroe, Lauren Co., Ga. to MATTHEW BARBER

Butts Co. for 9th dist 202 1/2 acres etc.



Oglethorpe Co.



WILLS by Brook - Georgia Will indexed to Civil War

BARBER, MATTHEW 1839d Butts Will A 47 (The will was proven 1859)


Franklin Co., Ga.

Muster Roll 25 Oct 1793 Capt Ben Easley's Co. p. 96


Information in Card File at Ga. Archives

MATTHEW BARBER Sgt. Ga. State "Troop of Militia Dragoons"

1 Nov 1794 - 31 Dec 1794



Chapter Two - MATTHEW BARBER p. 12-16

MATTHEW BARBER was the second son of George and Margaret

(Watkins) Barber. According to his tombstone in Butts County, Georgia, he was born in Walker County, North Carolina in 1767. There is no Walker County, North Carolina, it was most probably Johnston County, later Wake County, North Carolina, and the year of birth is believed to be early by two years. He is listed as age 80 on the 1850 census of Butts County, which would make him born in 1770.

MATTHEW BARBER married Mrs. JOHANNAH JOHNSON, a widow on 24 February 1803 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. MATTHEW and JOHANNAH had moved to Butts County by 1826, where they lived out their lives. MATTHEW died 11 May 1859, and his wife JOHANNAH died 15 September 1866.

MATTHEW BARBER served in Georgia Militia Dragoons from 1 November 1794 to 31 December 1794.

MATTHEW and JOHANNAH had two sons born to them, George W. Barber born 8 December 1803 and Josiah W. Barber, born 1808.

The MATTHEW BARBER Cemetery is located 5 and 8/10th miles east of the Butts County Court House, on Highway 16 out of Jackson, Georgia. There are eight unmarked graves.

In Memory of                                 Sacred to the Memory of


Who was born in                             who died in Peace Sept.

Walker County, N. C.                     15, 1866, in the 83rd

A.D. 1767 and died                         Yr of her Age. She was

May 11th 1859                                 a member of the 

                                                            Congregational Methodist  




Georgia ) Butts County ) Will Book A ) page 47-8 ) In the name of Almighty God Amen, I MATTHEW BARBER of the county aforesaid, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, but  considering the uncertainty of life, do make and ordain this my last will and testament, in manner following, that is to say

1. I desire to be buried in a decent christian like manner.

2. It is my will that all of my just debts should be paid.

3. I do give and bequeath to my dear wife JOHANNAH BARBER all my estate both real and personal during her natural lifetime, or widowhood. Provided my wife should marry, then and in that case it is my will that my wife should only have a certain lot of land known as sc. 76' seventy six in the first district of Houston County originally, now Crawford.

4. It is my will at the death of my wife, or provided she should marry, that all my property should be divided between my tow sons and their children equally, with the exception of the above named lot of land. If my wife would marry then and in that event, the lot of land I give and bequeath to her forever. It is my will that my wife shall have all she may make during her lifetime or widowhood.

5. It is my will that all my estate should be divided between my two sons to wit: George W. Barber and Josiah W. Barber at the death of my wife, only as above exceptions. And that my property should be lotted off, if convenient, into two lots equally, if not convenient put up sold and money equally divided.

6. It is my will that my dear wife JOHANNAH BARBER, and James H. Stark shall act as Executrix and Executor to this will, and that James H. Stark shall attend to the business, and have reasonable compensation for his services.

Signed, sealed and published and declared for and as the last will and testament of MATHEW BARBER, in presence of us, who having hereto set our names as witnessed, in his presence and at his request and in the presence of each other this 27th day of May, 1839.

witnesses:    John Goodman; James R. MCumb                    MATHEW X (his mark) BARBER SEAL

 Thos. P. Atkinson J. P. C.

Proved June Term 1859 JOHANNAH BARBER served as executrix.


Georgia ) Butts Co.) Before me Henry Hendrick ordinary in after said  County came in person JOANNAH BARBER Executrix of the last will & testament of MATHEW BARBER died late of said County & the keeper of said will to wit James R. McComb & John Goodman who being duly from disposed say that they saw the said MATHEW BARBER sign seal & publish & declare the said statement as his last will and testament voluntary & full without compulsion said that they signed the said will an in the presence of the said MATHEW BARBER & each other as the presence of Thomas Patterson;  J. R. McLeno; John Goodman

Butts Court of Ordinary June Term 1859

It appearing to the Court that the will of MATHEW BARBER deceased of said County has been proven in man form & no objecting being thereto. It is therefore ordered that said will be admitted to record & that letters do to JOANNAH BARBER the Executrix

Henry Hendrick Ordinary

From p. 8 chapter 1 the will of his father George Barber -

Again I give and bequeath to my son MAT BARBER two negroes, to wit, Fed and Jane, to him and his heirs and assigns forever.

From p. 10 chapter 1 the will of his mother Margaret Watkins Barber - Josiah Barber was the son of MATTHEW BARBER and JOHANNAH JOHNSON.

Item 8th) As for my Grand Son Josiah Barber I give and bequeath unto him and his heirs for ever one negro Boy named Crawford.

P. 76 from Barber Genealogy by Dr. George Perry Barber

George's sons: 5. MATTHEW, married Mrs. James Johnson 2-24-1803. Their sons were George, and Josiah W.


1832 Gold Lottery

Jasper County                        Res.              L.Lot   Dist  Sect

MATTHEW BARBER    (McLins Dist Butts)  293  374   19   3



M. BARBER & George Barber mentioned in estate of Joel Wise p. 252

MATTHEW BARBER - appraiser of estate of John Cargile p. 257


DAR Butts - 1959 Jackson, Ga. Cemetery, Church & Family Members of Jackson, (Ga.) Methodist Episcopal Church Jan 1846 JOANNAH BARBER

Copied from the GEORGIA GENEALOGIST p. 10 County Records,Oglethorpe County 1807 land lottery - people eligible to draw 

Captain Rowland Hudson's district



1830 Butts County Georgia Census


1 male 40 - 50 years old

1 female 40 - 50 years old


1840 Butts County Georgia Census

M. BARBER p. 178

1 male 60 - 70 years old

1 female 50 - 60 years old


1850 Butts County Georgia Census


Sarah 63 SC


1860 Butts County Georgia Census

p. 91 JOANNAH BARBER 80 f w farmer Penn


From Butts County Georgia

Marriage License Grants p. 138

1813 February 24



1826 Book A page 4 & 5

Georgia) This indenture made this the sixteenth Day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and twenty six, between Neill Monroe of the County lf Lawrens and State aforesaid of the one part, and MATTHEW BARBER of the County of Butts and State aforesaid of the other part. Witneseth that the said Neill Monroe, for and in consideration of the Sum of Two hundred Dollars and fifty dollars to him in hand paid at and before the sealing and delivery of this presents the Receipt, Whereof is hear by acknowledged hath granted, bargain, Sold aliend conveyed and confirmed and by these presents doth grant Bargain Sell alien convey and confirm unto the sd MATHEW BARBER his heirs and assigns all that Lot tract or Parcel of Land situate, Lying and being in the ninth district of the county of Henry at the time of Survey now Butts County known and distinguished in the Plan of said District by the number Forty (40) containing two Hundred two & a half acres More or less. Which Lot of Land was drawn by & granted to Israel Watson of Laurens County McLendens District, to have and to Hold the Sd Lot Tract or parcel of Land together with all and Singular the Rights members and Appurtenances thereof Whatsoever to the said Land and Premises being belonging or in any wise appertaining with the Remainder and Remainders Revision and Revisions Rents Issues and profits thereof to the only proper use benefit and Benefit Behoof of him the sd MATTHEW BARBER his heirs Executors and Administration and assigns, forever in fee simple and the Neill Monroe his heirs Executors and administrators to the sd Bargained Land and premises unto the sd MATTHEW BARBER His heirs Executors administrators and assigns against the sd Neill Monroe his heirs Executors and administrators and all and Every other person or persons shall and will warrant and Forever-defend by virtue of these presents. In witness Whereof the said Neill Monroe hath leave unto set His hand and Seale the day and yeare first above written Signed Seald and delivered in the Presents of Jno Word;             Neill Monroe SEAL      A. L. Robinson J.P.

February 9th 1825 A. L. Robinson Clk


Butts County Georgia Records book 1852-74 pp. 262-264

A list of appraisement of the property of MATHEW BARBER deceased.

2 lots of land 38 & 100 acre it being a part of lot No. 39 in the 9th District of originally Henry now Butts County $1,400.00

40 acres of land in Spaeagin 40.00

One known valued at:

One Negro woman Juennena 700.00

One Negro man Jeke 1,000.00

One Negro man Dick 1,000.00

One Negro man John 1,200.00

One Negro boy Phillip 1,300.00

One Negro woman Matilda 800.00

One Negro woman Martha & these 2 children Ryer & Burnl 1,600.00

One Negro boy Dallas 250.00

One Negro woman Laller & 2 children Bob & Gay 1,500.00

One Negro boy Clark 500.00

One Negro boy Jerry 600.00

One Negro boy Aaron 750.00

One Negro boy Thomas 900.00

One Negro boy Henry 700.00

One Negro boy Charley 750.00

5 Let Plow Beare? 1 dollar each 5.00

1 black mare mule 75.00

1 bay horse mule 100.00

1 bay mare mule 130.00

1 sorel mare & colt 100.00

1 sorel horse 85.00

4 sows & 18 pigs 25.00

12 head stock hogs 75.00

1 yoke of oxens 25.00

1 young yoke of oxen 35.00

1 black speckled bull 6.00

2 little bulls 7.00

1 red no horne heifer 6.00

3 cows & calves 50.00

3 ?Then ?stocks horse and all every thing connected with them 8.00

300 bushels of corn at 65 cts 195.00

4500 lbs Fodder 33.75

One lot of axes 3.00

One crop cut saw 2.50

One grind stone 1.50

One Lot plantation tools 5.00

One Lot of Tin Ware 3.00

One Lot of ?ain & Lard? 28.00

One Lot sundries 2.00

2 thousand lbs. of bacon 12 1/2 cts per lb. 250.00

One Lot of boxes and barrels 2.00

2 pots 5.00

One lot potware &c 4.00

One loom harness & Slays &c 3.00

One Brass Kettle & griddle 3.00

One Cheese table tray & Sifter 2.00

2 wheels & one Reel 3.00

1 old fashioned Gig 5.00

1 ox cart 6.00

1 2-horse waggon & harness 60.00

1 buggy & harness 115.00

1 Lot crockery & ?Glop 19.00

1 creamer? Cupboard 5.00

2 block tin caps .25

4 tables--2 common & 2 folding 10.00

5 Lunnk? 1.00

One Coffee Mill & looking glass ?

1 set chairs play bottom 5.00

10 split bottom chairs 8.00

1 rocking chair ?

1 clock ?

2 sets knives & fork & cann7 1 ? fork 2. ?

30 bushels wheat wheat 30.00

2 bed & bedsteads ? 28.00

1 Lot sole leather 1.50

1 old Saddle ?

1 biscuit baker & Goop ? .50

1 shot gun ? 3.50

1 bed & bedstead 25.00

1 bed & bedstead 15.00

1 Lot of bed quilts 28.00

1 Lot of conntess? foot valles? &c 20.00

1 Lot sheets, pillow slips & towels 15.00

1 Lot linnin table cloths 10.00

1 table cover oil cloth & surge cover 1.50

1 fran & iron smothing iron Steel yards 2.00




Georgia ) Butts Co. )We do certify upon oath that as fair as was produced to us by the Executrix the above and foregoing contains a true appraisement of the goods chattels & credits of the estate of MATHEW BARBER late of Butts Co. deceased to the last of our Judgment & understanding. Given under our hand & official Signature this 11th of June 1859

Earnard McDaniel )

Thomas J. Giles ) Appraisers

Howard P. Carson )

Emery M. Maddox )

I do hereby certify that the above appraisers were sworn to their duty as appraisers according to law this 11th day of June 1859.

James Jolly, J.P. Seal


Records Book 1852-74 p. 543

Inventory & appraisement of the estate of MATHEW BARBER, deceased.

Cows & calf & Cattle $ 92.00

1 cow & piggs 5.00

1 wagon & rig 20.00

1 lot of sundries 9.00

1 lot of sundries 17.00

15 chairs 10.00

Crockery & Tin Ware 17.50

1 clock 4.00

Bed & bedstead 40.00

Pots & so forth 7.00

300 acres of land 300.00

40 acres of cherokee land 10.00

1 buggy 50.00




State of Georgia) County of Butts )We do certify upon oath that as far as was the and forgoing contains a true appraisement of Goods and Chattels & credits of the estate of MATHEW BARBER deceased to the best of our judgment & understanding given under our hands & official signature this December 26th 1866.

Emory M. Maddox)

Charles Dodson )

James W. Mayo ) appraisers

H. H. Watkins )

Wm. Hodges )

Amount of Cash on hand:

Bank of Savannah $ 100.00

Bank of State of Georgia 180.00

Athens Bank 100.00

Planters Bank of the State of Ga. 240.00

Marine & Fire insurance Bank 80.00

change Bills 24.00

confederate Money 754.00

In money cash in hand 250.00



Wm. Hodges )

Emory M. Maddox)

H. H. Watkins ) Appraisers

Charles Dodson )

James W. Mays )

Sworn to & subscribed before me this 18th Feby 1867)

Wiley Goodman ) Geo. W. Barber

Ordinary )               Ams


Records Book 1852-74 pp. 544-546

Ordinary ) The following is a true & correct statement of the property of MATHEW BARBER DECEASED, January 11th 1867?

Lot of harness & Dog Irons & 2 barrels G. W. Barber $ .50

Lot or Irons Mat Barber .50

Lot of Barrels Mat Barber .50

2 flour barrels Early Higgins .10

1 loom Wiley Johns 1.10

1 sow & piggs G. W. Barber 5.00

Black head cows G. W. Barber 15.50

Red head cows G. W. Barber 15.75

No horn cow Jane Preston 18.00

1 heifer G. W. Barber 15.00

1 heifer G. W. Barber 12.30

cow & calf Mat Barber 11.00

2 horse wagon Mat Barber 18.00

Buggy G. W. Barber 40.00

1 Gig Mat Barber 5.00

Cradle & Scythe Mat Barber 1.00

6 chairs Mat Barber 5.50

Rocking chair Mat Barber 2.00

1 table Mat Barber 5.75

1 spinning wheel Tretwell 2.75

1 spinning wheel Dave Hollon .75

1 spinning wheel Mat Barber .60

1 flax wheel G. W. Barber .25

1 reel Mrs. Tretwell .35

1 tub & tray Mat Barber .45

2 buckets & 1 tray Charles .30

2 buckets Riley Barber .35

1 preserve Dish Jane Preston .15

2 preserve Dish Mat Barber .75

1 candle stick Ben Harris .10

1 set tumblers Harry Spencer 1.65?

set wire glasses Charles Tretwell .40

set wire glasses Harry Spencer .47?

1 Decanter Mat Barber .50?

Salt Sellar Mrs. Grier .30?

5 Teaspoons Harry Spencer .50?

6 silver tea spoons Bill Treatwell 1.00?

1 set tablespoons Geo. Barber 4.30?

1 table Harry Spencer .30?

1 clock Mrs. Preston 3.?5

1 candle stand Harry Spencer .15

1 table Nep Tretwell .10

1 pr. cotton cards Harry Spencer .50

1 pr. cards Nep. Tretwell .75?

1 looking Glass Riley Barber .60?

6 chairs Monroe Fuller 5.00

4 chairs B. F. Grant 1.00

1 waiter Mat Barber .40

1 table Monroe Fuller 3.50

1 cupboard Mat Barber 6.25

1 feather bed & 2 bolsters G. Barber 10.00

1 stead & cords Charles Treatwell 2.50

1 bed & 2 pillows Monroe Fuller 10.50

1 matress & mat Mat Barber 1.15

1 red bedstead Mrs. Tretwell 5.50

2 tanks? G. Barber .70

1 table cloth Nep Tretwell .10

1 feather bed Mat Barber 6.00

1 matress Mat Barber 1.80

1 bedstead & mat G. Barber 2.50

1 lot bed quilts G. Barber 3.00

1 Table Monroe Fuller .75

2 dishes G. Barber .60

1 dish Mrs. Tretwell .30

Lot corckey Riley Barber .50

Glass Pitcher G. Barber 1.00

1 small glass pitcher Riley Barber .40

3 dishes Monroe Fuller 1.00

1 set plates Thomas Thomas 1.40

1 pitcher E. P. Fears .30

1 sugar Dish Dick Mayo .30

2 bowles Mrs. Tretwell .50

1 tea pot & waiter Riley Barber ?

3 knifes & forks B. F. Grant .50

1 knife & fork Mat Barber .75

1 set knifed & forks E. P. Fears 2.10

1 tin bucket Pan & 6 moles Nep Tretwell .35

1 lot tin Ben Harris .70

1 tin can Ben Harris .50

1 wash pan & 1 small one Riley Barber .40

jars Mrs. ?? ?

1 red bowl & tin cup Arter Johnson .25

1 brass Kettle B. Barber .30

1 tea Kettle Charles Tretwell .60

2 smothing irons Harter Johnson 1.70

1 Goose iron B. F. Brant 1.20

1 ash bowl & picher G. Barber 1.80

1 Bole White Riley Barber .35

2 dishes Charles Tretwell .30

1 large dish Henderson Duke .65

1 set coasters Mrs. Grier 1.25

1 set cup & saucers Mat Barber 1.30

6 plates cups &c B. F. Grant 2.05

1 bowl & cup Arter Johnson .50

1 pitcher Nep Tretwell .55

6 small plates Mat Barber .55

1 set soup plates Harry Spencer .50

1 wash pot Dick Mayo 3.05

1 small pot Cordy Barnes .50

1 small pot G. Barber 1.00

1 skillet & lif Fil Barber .70

1 oven & lid G. Barber 1.00

Hooks & Griddle Cordy Barber .25

1 churn Wiley Johnson .50

1 churn Harry Spencer .50

1 Jno Bucket G. Barber .75

(unreadable) Mat Barber .50

(didn't get the full page - the copy just ended here???)


Butts County, Georgia Courthouse Records, 1859-79, Ordinary, Page 202; found by Jere Fletcher, March 1982

(Second Document)

JOANNAH JOHNSON BARBER, nee WELDON, died 15 Sept. 1866


Butts Court of Ordinary, Dec. Term 1866

Georgia )  Butts County ) To the Honorable Wiley Goodman Ordinary of said County

The petition of George W. Barber respectfully shows that JOANNAH BAURBER died intestate and that there is a grate probability of her estate going to waste land estate consists of perishable property in ________, to the amount of sun (sum) three or four hundred dollars and your petitioner George W. Barber would further show that he is the son of the said JOANNAH BARBER and that he prays your Honor to grant an order appointing him the said George W. Barber temporary administrator on said estate and your petitioner will ever pray to c (?) George W. Barber.

Butts Court of Ordinary at Chambers, dec. 20th 1866 Whereas George W. Barber has applied for letters of temporary administration on the estate of JOANNAH BARBER late of said County Deceased and there being no ___________ is ordered by the Court that the said George W. Barber be and is hereby appointed the temporary Adm on the estate of the said JOANNAH BARBER deceased upon his giving bond to securing? in the sum of six hundred dollars and Albert H. Watkis? (Watkins?) be and is hereby approved as his security? and letters do issue accordingly.

/s/ Wiley Goodman


Whereupon the said George W. Barber came in __________ and was duly granted as the temporary administrator in said estate mentioned unto? bond of Six Hundred dollars with A. H. Watkins as security and letters were issued accordingly.

/s/ Wiley Goodman, Ordinary

(Typed as closely as possible to the original document.)


From Lisa Browning

The book is called "History of Butts County, Georgia, 1825-1976" compiled

by Lois McMichael for the William McIntosh Chapter, Daughters of theAmerican Revolution, Jackson, Georgia. Atlanta. Cherokee PublishingCompany. 1978. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 78-580-66. International Standard Booksellers Number: 0-87797-044-0.

The following Barbers are indexed in this book: Family (write-up in"Pioneer Families" section); Charles E.; Charlotte C. (Mrs. Charles); Dick;George; George Samuel; George W.; Rev. Gus; H. C., Jr.; Joannah; Joseph;Josiah; Lege; Mary; Matthew; Josiah W.; Sally Lenora; and Susie.

Since the Barber Family writeup in the Pioneer Families section is fairly short compared to others in the book, I am transcribing it here for you:


         "Matthew Barber was born in Wilkes County, North Carolina in 1767. He came to Butts County soon after it was created and died in this county May11, 1859. He married Joanna Weldon, who was born in 1777 and died in Butts County Sept. 15, 1860. Both are buried in the Barber family cemetery near the old homestead.

        George W. Barber, son of Matthew and Joanna Barber, was born Dec. 8, 1803;d. July 18, 1883; m. in Butts County Jan. 28, 1827 Louisa W. Lovejoy, b. Apr. 21, 1809; d. Oct. 1, 1879. The town of Lovejoy, Ga. was named for her father.

        George W. Barber was among the early settlers of Butts County and lived on his large plantation operated by many slaves. His home in east Butts County, on the Pittman's Ferry Road or Highway 16 near Pleasant Grove Church, is still standing and occupied by John William Browning.

        George W. Barber and his wife Louisa W. Lovejoy had the following children:

1.  Dr. Josiah W. Barber, b. 1828.

2.  Elizabeth Barber, b. 1836.

3.  George Samuel Barber, b. Dec. 30, 1838; d. Jan. 19, 1904; m. Sallie Ann Pattman of Athens, Ga., b. Feb 11, 1848; d. Feb 25, 1922.  He spent his entire life on the Barber Plantation.  Their children were:

  1. George Hulon Barber, b. Oct. 22, 1886; d. Mar. 29, 1867.
  2. Hershel Barber, b. Nov. 24, 1874; d. Sept. 29, 1876.
  3. Estelle Barber, m. T. G. Linkous.
  4. Maggie Barber, b. Dec. 10, 1882 (living 1977); m. Nov. 1901 Oscar Cole.

 4.  Madison S. Barber, b. 1840.

5.  Terressa A. Barber, m. Feb. 18, 1847 Joseph A. Baughn.

6.  Louisa J. Barber, b. Aug. 14, 1846; d. Mar. 4, 1898; m. Feb. 13, 1868 M. D. Henderson

7. Robert Barber, b. 1849.

8.  Sophia M. Barber, m. Dec. 4, 1849 Stark W. Banks.

 9.  Joanah E. Barber, m. Apr. 10, 1855 W. A. J. Fretwell."

The spellings, punctuation, etc., above, are exactly as they are in the book. A few notes: Re Matthew Barber coming to Butts County soon after it was created - Butts Co. was formed in Dec. 1825. And re John William Browning occupying the house - he died in 1985, but it is still owned by his descendants.


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