Thomas Kendall & Rebecca Payne
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P. 47 Boutwell, James...m. 1665 Rebecca, dau of DEA. THOMAS & REBECCA KENDALL she d. 1713, aged 69 & he d. 1716, aged 74...

P. 64 Eaton, Joshua...m. 1st 1678 Rebecca, dau of DEA THO. KENDALL, she d. 1690...

Eaton, John...m 1658, Elizabeth, dau of DEA. THOMAS KENDALL

P. 73 Flint, Dea William...m 1713 Abigail dau of John and Abigail (Kendall) Nichols, and granddau. of DEA THO. KENDALL

P. 93-4 KENDALL, DEA THOMAS, an original settler, removed here from Lynn; was brother of Francis of Woburn; lived on the "James Emerson place," corner of Cedar and Church Streets; was deacon and selectman for many years, and a very influential citizen. He. d. 1681, and his widow, REBECCA, d. 1703, aged 84.

Chil.: Elizabeth, b. 1642, and m. 1658, John Eaton: Rebecca, b. 1644, and m. 1665 James Boutwell; Mary b. 1647 and m. 1664 Abraham Bryant; Hannah, b. 1650 and m. 1667 John Parker; Sarah, b. and d. 1652, Sarah 2d b. 1653 and m. Samuel Dunton; Abigail, b. 1655 and m. John Nichols; Susannah b. 1658 and m. Nathaniel Goodwin, Tabitha b. 1660 and m. John Pearson; and Thomas b. 1663 and d. 1664. DEA. KENDALL had no son that lived to adult age, and his name has long since disappeared from our municipal record; yet perhaps there is no one of the first settlers that can be pointed out, whose blood through his eight daughters diverging has come down to us through so many families, and still flows in the veins of so many of the present population of the town.

P. 103 Pearson, John...m. Tabitha, dau of DEA. THO. KENDALL...


P. 128 1703 - This year REBECCA, widow of DEACON THOMAS

KENDALL died. She was 85 years old at the time of her death, and had long been a valued mother among the families of the early settlers. She had a large family of children, ten, her gravestone says, and she left 175 grand and great-grandchildren. Her children that lived to have families of their own were all daughters, and married in different families of the 1st settlers; and altho her name has become extinct among the present inhabitants of the town, her blood still runs in the veins of many of them. She was long nurse, midwife, and medical attendant generally.

P. 205 List of Deacons of the First Church of Reading 1645 -


Names that drew land in the "division of the Great Swamp" with their minister rates in the preceding year:

THOS KENDALL 2L 1 s 10 d

1667 - This year the town ordered and agreed "that all the privileges of land, timber, and commons shall belong unto the present houses now erected and to no other, that shall be erected hereafter." At this time already 59 houses stood owned by the following names:


Grants from the town of Lynn Residents who were inhabitants at or about the year of incorporation (Reading, Mass. - 1644) THOS. KENDALL who settled where Mrs. James Emerson is now.

Names of Brothern and Sisters at Church at Reading from 29 Sept. 1648 - 1650 THOMAS KENDALL REBECCA KENDALL

1652 - This year the town ordered lots.

THOS. KENDALL drew 14 acres

Names of Inhabitants of Reading and plots of upland given them as it fell by lott on the North side of Ipswich River


P. 281-290 Selectmen of Reading - THOMAS KENDALL 1649, 55, 57, 59, 60, 62, 66, 68-72, 74, 75, 77, 78



(Early Genealogical inquires & answers - may or may not be correct.)

            18 Nov 1907 9577

Abraham Bryant was 1st of Charlestown in that place he m. Mary Kendall about 1668. She d. May 8, 1688

            21 Dec 1910 1675

Abraham Bryant b. 1647 m. 1664 Mary Kendall

            20 Sept 1911 1498

John Pearson born June 22, 1650-3 in Reading, Mass. m. Tabitha Kendall b. Nov 1660 dau of THOMAS KENDALL of Reading (See "Hist of Salesbury").

            28 Aug 1912 2596

Rebecca Kendal m. James Boutelle dau b. 1687 Rebecca. She was dau of THOS KENDALL. She d. Aug 3 or 30, 1713, age 68.

            3 Jun 1914 4123

THOS KENDALL b. 1618 d. 1681

Francis & THOS KENDALL - Francis b. Eng about 1620 came to Charleston, Mass. about 1640 Taxed Woburn, Mass 1645 to Lynne, Mass. 1643, 1653 - Reading

            6 Jan 1915 4462

KENDALL, DEACON THOS. KENDALL, son of John of Cambridge Co., Eng., became one of the proprietors of Reading, Mass. 1644.

            5 July 1915 4692

THOS. KENDALL m. 1644 d. July 22, 1681 Reading. REBECCA d. July 17, 1703 dau Sarah b. June 22, 1653 m. June 14, 1673 Samuel Dunton m. 2nd Thomas Patton May 20, 1686

            25 Oct 1915 5043


            8 Nov 1916 5933


Eliz 1642 m. 1658 John Eaton

Rebecca b. 16__ m. 1665 James Boutell

Mary b. 1647 m. 1644 James Bryant

Hannah b. 1650 m. 1667 John Parker

Sarah b. & d. 1652

Sarah b. 1653 m. Samuel Denton

Abigale b. 1655 m. John Nichols

Susanna b. 1658 m. Nathaniel Goodwin

Tabetha b. 1660 m. John Person

Thos b. 1662 d. 1664

            20 Nov 1916 5933

Questions PAIN as REBECCA's name Each dau named a son Kendal

Since no brother carried the name. The Kendal name goes back to 1400. Mable, Francis, & THOMAS were said to be children of Henry Kendall in an old line & Gabriel Armstrong of Smitherly. Henry d. 1627 at 39 wife d. 1640 - someone said he had no son Francis or dau Mable. Francis came to America under assumed name of Miles & REBECCA came with group.

            28 Nov 1923 678

Wm. Reed aged 48 & wife Mable aged 30 came in the Defense 1635. She m. 2nd Henry Somers or Summer. She is called the sister of Francis & THOMAS KENDALL of Woburn.

            12 May 1930

Mable, THOS. & Francis KENDALL the children of H. Kendall & G.

Armstrong. They were of Smitherly England. REBECCA b. 1618 d. July 17, 1703. THOMAS KENDALL was a Grandson of a Henry Sacherell of Radcliffe

            23 Jul 1932 4016

Henry Kendall b. 1588 d. 1627 m. Gabriel Armstrong who d. 1640. Son Thos d. July 22, 1681 Reading m. REBECCA b. 1618 d. July 17, 1703



KENDALL, THOMAS, Lynn br. of Francis, freem. 1648, had one s. wh. d. young and ano. d. beside the eight foll.: Eliz b. 17 Feb 1643; Rebecca 10 Feb 1645, Mary 24 Dec 1647; Hannah 29 Jan 1650, rem. to Reading, had Sarah 22 June 1653; Abigail 30 Nov 1655; Susannah27 June 1658; and Tabitha 5 Nov 1660; was deac. and d. 22 July 1681. His wid. REBECCA d. 17 July 1703, aged 85. Rebecca m. 1665, James Boutell of R.; MARY m. Abraham Bryant; Hannah m. 13 Nov 1667 a serg. whose name is lost to me.



The Kendall family, which is very old in England, derives its name from the town of Kendall on the Kent River in Westmoreland County; among the best known of its early representatives was John Kendall, Sheriff of Nottingham, who was killed at the Battle of Bosworth 1485, while fighting in the army of Richard III. Branches of the family are found in many parts of England and America.

John Kendall, ancestor of the New England family, was living in Cambridgeshire, England, in 1646, and d. there 1660. Issue:

1. Francis, b. circa 1620; came to America and was living at Charlestown, Massachusetts, in 1640; he emigrated under the name of Miles in order, it is said, to conceal his intentions from his family. At Charlestown he signed the town orders for the new town of Woburn and was one of its first and most prominent inhabitants, serving for eighteen years on the Board of Selectmen and on various town Committees. He owned and operated a mill on one of the streams at Woburn and is described by Sewell as "a gentleman of great respectability and influence in the place of his residence." In a strict Puritan community, he had the courage to differ slightly in faith from the majority for which he was duly fined. He m. 24th December 1644 Mary, dau of Sergt John Tidd, the first man in Woburn to bear a military title. Francis Kendall d. in 1708, at the age of 88.

2. THOMAS emigrated to Reading, Massachusetts, where he was one of the most influential of the early settlers; a Deacon of the church and for many years a Selectman; his only son d. an infant, but through his eight daughters, he has a large posterity.




Lyn A caveat for John Mansfield who purchased of THOMAS KENDALL Carpenter his house and lotts wch were m2 Southes twelve acres of upland and eight acres and an halfe of marshe within the bounds of Lyn as by deed the 25th of the 5th month 1654 afreth.

The humble Declaration of us, whose names are under written

To this honored Court now sitting at Cambridge Humbly

The with to this hond court. Foras much as that the Dispensations of God are a various to all, soe to us. For it hath pleased the almighty to remove from us or hond FATHER KENDAL by sending Death & yt before he had set his house in order. Yet by ye advices of friends and ye consent of or hond mother REBEKKAH KENDALL relict of or deare father, we say we ye son in Laws of THOMAS KENDALL decesd have taken joynt administration of and upon ye whole Estate and have md an equal division of ye same amongst or selves both of lands & of other estate to ye good satisfaction of each of us. If this hond court see cause to ratify & confirme this or disposall. Wee humbly inform this court that or mother is well satisfied with what we have done also we do agree to allow ye wch shee doth well like of ovr to her just satisfaction & yt during her natural life & have given it undr all or hands & seales & have bound or selves & or heires for ye performance of ye same. We have divided & disposed of ye land & meadow to each of us as followeth. To sd Brother Jn Eaton four acres of Meadow at ye place called ye wigwames. To or Brother Jno Parker six Acres of Meadow by his own house. To or Brother Nathaniell Goodwin three Acres & one third of an acre of land lying in the Plnen with 3 acre of land & one third of an Acre upon ye still with 3 acres of Meadow at Beare Meadow. To or Bro Abraham Briant 2 acres of Meadow at the hundred Acres so called with 3 acres of land & one third of an acre In ye plenen & with 3 acres of land & one third of an acre upon ye hill above sd with 2 acres of Meadow at Borough meadows. To or Bro Jno Nichols 3 acres of land & one third of an acre upon ye hill before named with 2 acres of Meadow at ye hundred & 3 acres of Meadow at Beare Meadow. To or Bro Jno Person one hundred acres of land lying upon Upswich River with 2 thirds of 2 acres of Ceder Swamp. To or Bro Samll Dunken 2 acres & a half of meadow which lyeth neare ye mill and 3 acres & one third of an acre of land in ye plenen above sd. To or Bro James Bowtell about 12 acres of land and ye house barne & orchard with the Town rights with 2 acres of Meadow in Beber Meadow and 2 acres & a halfe of Meadow on ye meadow by ye mill above sd and with 2 acres of Meadow at ye wigwams alsoe here one third pt of 2 acres of Cedar Swamp he the sd Bowtell to pay to us abovenamed wt is more yn his pt in ye premises as we have agreed, as may or will appeare undr sd Bowtells hand. Further we ye above named have joyntly agreed yt those of us brethren above sd who had land or meadow given to any of us from or father Kendall upon marrying of or now wifes his Daughters shall have & hold ye same for his or their own as fully as if they had had legall Conveyances of ye same from or father now decesd Namly To or Nathaniel Goodwin given upon marriage 2 acres of Meadow in ye hundred acres of Meadow before named. 2ly To or Bro Jno Parker given upon marriage 2 acres of Meadow in beare Meadow. To or Bro Samuel Denton was given upon marriage two acres of Meadow at beare meadow. Lastly we do agree and all agree yt those of or Bretheren that have bought land or Swamp of or father and pd for ye same as to us doth appeare shall have & enjoy ye same as truely as if or father deced had given deeds as of law requires as namely. To or Bro James Bowtell 2 acres of Meadow at ye hundred acres as also to ye aforesd Bowtell wth or Bro Abraham above named was sold 4 acres of Swamp lying by ye land of Samuel Duncan Senr and ye Meadow neare ye Mill above ds also was sould to ye above sd James Bowtell & Briant & to ym equally or fathers Swamp dividend wth is seven acres or thereabout more or less was sould Hereto we & every of us here joyned agreed on. The disposall of or fathers Estate who is now decesd as also toratify & confirm to these of Brethren who either bought or had land & Meadow given to ym upon marriage. Humbly beseeching of this Hond Court to ratifye & confirme this or agreement to us if yor honors see cause for ye same. Which will engage us yor humble Supplyants as or bound and direty who to pray for yor

honors while we live            Jno Eaton                 James Boutell

Dated this 30 of                 Abraham Briant         Samuel Dunken

September 1681                 John Parker             John Parker

                                        Nathaniel Goodwin     Jno Niccolls

Octob 4 81 The court dothapprove of and allow ye above sd agreement Jonathan Remington Clerics

Francis Kendall, Capt Swain & Benjamin Fitch are desired by ye subscribers to be ovr seers

Entred 4 8 81

by Tho Danforth CR