John Lawrence & Johan
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The American Historical Society, Inc. New York

p 217 -211


JOHN LAWRENCE, son of John and Agnes Lawrence, was of Wisset in Suffolk and married JOHAN. He was buried January 16, 1607. Their children were:





JOHN LAWRENCE in his will refers to his son Henry’s having moved to Charlestown in New England.


American Ancestry Vol II pp 71-2

John Lawrence born in Wisset, Suffolk, England, and baptized October 8, 1609, came to America, married Elizabeth & settled in Watertown, Mass., before 1635. The family line has been traced as follows: John the first American ancestor, was the son of Henry of Wisset, Suffolk, Eng. (m. Mary); son of JOHN of Wisset, d. 1607 (m. JOHAN); son of John of Wisset, d. 1590 (m. Agnes); son of John of Riverburgh, d. after 1556 (m. Elizabeth); son of Robert; son of John of Rivenburg (m. Margery), made his will July 10, 1504, the year of his death; son of Thomas of Rivenburgh, Holton, Wisset and South Elmham; son of John of Agercorft, d. 1461; son of Nicholas; son of Sir Robert of Ashton Hall, son of Sir Robert of Ashton Hall (m. Margaret Holden of Lancashire); son of John d 1630 (m. Elizabeth Holt); son of John of Ashton Hall (m. Margaret, dau of Walter Chesford); son of James of Ashton Hall (m. 1252 Matilda de Washington, dau of John de Washington); son of Robert of Ashton Hall (m. a daughter of James Trafford of Lancashire); son of Robert of Ashton Hall; son of Robert Lawrence of Lancashire, England, born probably as early as 1150, who attended King Richard Coeur de Lion to the war of the Crusades in the Holy Land, and was knighted at the siege of Acre "Sir Robert of Ashton Hall" and obtained for his arms "Argent, a crown raguly gules, A.D. 1191." The line of ancestry being thus traced in sixteen generations to the American ancestor, and in twenty-three t the present living descendants. See Lawrence genealogy, Boston, 1869.


The Genealogy of the Family of John Lawrence of Wissett, in Suffolk, England, and of Watertown and Groton, Massachusetts By Rev. John Lawrence, Jr. (1869)

The Ancestral Lineage, ascertained and arranged by H. G. Somersby, Esq., under the countenance of Hon. Abbott Lawrence while in England, is given as in 1857, there being no reason for a change in this respect.

Page 24 The fourteenth generation – John son of John and Elisabeth Lawrence, married AGNES _____, and had, I. JOHN; II. Richard, who died in 1596; III. Susan; IV. Elisabeth; V. Margaret. His wife died Jan. 22, 1583. His will bears date April 27, 1590. He was buried at Ramburgh, May 21, 1590.

The fifteenth generation – JOHN, son of John and Agnes Lawrence, was of Wisset, in Suffolk, and married JOHAN ______. They had issue, I. Henry; II. Robert, whose will, dated 1641, names his kinsman, Henry North of Laxfield, a son of Sir Henry North, and grandson of Lord North; III. Margery; IV. Katharine. The will of JOHN LAWRENCE, of Wisset, is dated Jun 2, 1606. He was buried Jan. 16, 1607.

The sixteenth generation – Henry, son of John and Johan Lawrence, married Mary ______, by whom he had John, born at Wisset, and baptized Oct. 8, 1609. The will of JOHN LAWRENCE, of Wisset, the father of Henry, refers to him as having removed from Wisset to New England, and settled in Charlestown. And on the lists of those who became inhabitants of Charlestown, mass., in 1635, is the name of Henry Lawrence. Also, "In the first division of land on Mistick side of ten acres to a house, five of which were given in for after-comers, made, as it appears, Feb. 20, 1638, Henry Lawrence received five acres." A house-lot was granted him in 1635 by George Blott.