Edward Longford
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American Families

The American Historical Society, Inc. New York

p 217 -211


Sir Robert Lawrence, son of Sir Robert and Margaret (Holden) Lawrence, married

Amphillis Longford, daughter of EDWARD LONGFORD.


The Genealogy of the Family of John Lawrence of Wissett, in Suffolk, England, and of Watertown and Groton, Massachusetts By Rev. John Lawrence, Jr. (1869)

The Ancestral Lineage, ascertained and arranged by H. G. Somersby, Esq., under the countenance of Hon. Abbott Lawrence while in England, is given as in 1857, there being no reason for a change in this respect.

Page 22 The seventh generation Sir Robert son of Sir Robert and Margaret Holden, of Ashton Hall, married Amphilbis, daughter of EDWARD LONGFORD, Esq., of Longford;