Owen Lewis & Elizabeth
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(Note by Dianne - since the DNA projects have started an new era of Genealogy research, it has been proven that "Planter" John Lewis did not descend from Major John Lewis of Monmouthshire or Brecknockshire Wales.  Major John Lewis was the ancestor of the Warner Lewis line & the DNA tests for descendants of that line did not match with the descendants of the "Planter" John Lewis line.  See Lewis DNA Test Results )


Owen Lewis b, ca 1683-4, Warwick County, Virginia not in York Co Records 

Owen Lewis Parish Records from the Charles Parish, York Co. Register 

  1. Sarah, dau of Owen Lewis and Eliz.,b. 16 Mar 1708 

Owen Lewis appears to have moved to St Peter' Parish, New Kent Co. VA before the birth of 

  1. Anne Lewis, dau of Owen Lewis and Elizabeth, b. 19 Mar 1713/14   
  2. Elizabeth Lewis dau of Owen Lewis and Elizabeth, b. 6 Feb 1715/16 d. 16 May 1717   
  3. Elizabeth Lewis dau of Owen Lewis and Elizabeth, b 10 Dec 1719 d. 4 Apr 1720
  4. John Lewis, b ca 1720, son of Owen  thought to be the John Lewis, father of John and Owen who died in Albemarle Co. VA in 1799. This is Planter John Lewis - most likely born 1715 or before. 

Source: Cook, Pioneer Lewis Families Vol IV, p.64



Information from Robert J. C. K. Lewis

Owen Lewis appears to descend from the David Lewis family of York and Warwick Cos. VA, based on info in the recently published Warwick Co  Court Records (Clearfield Press) 2002 (Suit between Owen Lewis and Samuel Mackintosh of Warwick Co.3 Apr 1729 p.135, 139, 140, 142, 143, 144, 579   (Case kept getting postponed)  (Note: Some pages toward the end of the book are off by one digit too high in the index) (Samuel Mackintosh was a son of Enos and Elizabeth Mackintosh)

Owen Lewis was born in Warwick Co ca 1683.  He was the son of John Lewis, b 1663 in York Co who had moved to Warwick Co, from York Co, This John was the son of David Lewis Sr, of York Co, who had come to VA by 1638 and died in 1669.

Owen married Elizabeth I and had Sarah, baptized in Charles Parish York Co. in 1708. He moved to St. Peter's Parish, New Kent (Later Hanover) Co. and had 2 more daus by Elizabeth I, Ann, b 1714, and Elizabeth, b 1716.  Both the child Elizabeth and the wife Elizabeth I then died.  Owen remarried to Elizabeth 2 and had a daughter also named Elizabeth.  Then both of these Elizabeths died.

Records from St. Peterís Parish, New Kent Co, VA.

Elizabeth Daughter of Owin Lewis Born Feb 6th 1715 (Birth of 1st dau. Elizabeth)

Elizabeth wife of Owen Lewis Departed this Life 9th ye 4. 1716 (should be 9br=Nov the 4th 1716)(Death of 1st wife, Elizabeth)

Elizabeth, dau of Owen Lewis, d. 16 May 1717(Death of 1st dau Elizabeth)

(Married another Elizabeth ca 1718)

Elizabeth, dau of Owen Lewis, b. 10 Dec 1919 (Birth of 2nd dau Elizabeth)

Elizabeth, wife of Owen Lewis, d. 27 Mar 1719/20 (New year started April 1st then)(Death of 2nd wife Elizabeth)

Elizabeth, dau of Owen Lewis, d. 4 Apr 1720(Death of 2nd dau Elizabeth)

Owen Lewis disappears from the St Peter's Parish Register after this. 



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