Richard Nunnally & Sarah Akin
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Henrico County, VA Deeds 1677-1705 Weisiger 975.5453

p.88 page 540 1 Dec. 1694

Bartholomew Roberts and William Roberts of Henrico Co. to RICHARD NUNERY of same, for 1900 lbs tobacco, land on south side of James River next to James Akin, Mr. Elam, "Baldwins" and is all that land that Bart. Roberts bought of James Akins, 70 acres.

Wit: Philip Turpin, Edw. Tanner

Signed: Barth (BR) Roberts, Will’m (LL) Roberts, Eliza. Roberts

Recorded 1 Feb 1694


p.166 page 677 3 Dec. 1737

Richard Nunnally of Henrico Co., to his brother John Nunnally of same, for L 10/6/4, 88 acres, being all the land given said Richard by will of his father RICHARD NUNALLY, dec’d, bounded by said John Nunnally, John Archer, John Farley, Sr., Joseph Farley and Proctors Creek.

Wit: Arthur Moseley, Martha Moseley, John Green

Signed: Richard (RN) Nunnally Recorded 1st Mon. Dec 1737

Mary, wife of Richard, relinquished her dower right.



Colonial Wills of Henrico Co, VA pt 1 1654-1737 Weisiger 975.5459

p.92 page 240 Will of James Akin, Sr. of Varina Parish April 21, 1712

To wife SARAH, the Indian woman Rose, and her 2 children and also the plantation for life. At her death this goes to my son James Akin. All the rest to wife, and she to be executrix. Codicil: to 4 children James Akin, Mary Womeck, Elizabeth Farlow, and SARAH NUNNOLY, each 12 pence

wit: Thomas Chamberlayne, Richard Oglesby, Chas. Roberts Recorded 1 Feb. 1713


p.94 page 283 Will of Sarah Akin, widow

To son James Akin, slaves and items

To grandson Daniel Nunnoly, a feather bed

To daughter Elizabeth Farlow, a feather bed

To daughter SARAH NUNNOLY, items

To son in law John Womack, 1 shilling

All the rest to be divided into three parts, one third each to children James, Elizabeth and SARAH

Son James to be executor

Dated 2 Feb. 1713/14

Wit: Thomas Chamberlayne, William Baugh, Chas Roberts Recorded 2 Aug. 1714


p.116-7 page 118


To son Richard, tract where he now lives, joining John Fareley, Jr.

To son William, 10 shillings, when of age

To son Daniel, the plantation he hath cleared and builded, joining Henry Walthall, Sr. and John Farley. Daniel shall give his brother Joseph the plantation 3 years, rent free, and 100 lbs tobacco All my lands on north side of the swamp

To son John; and if he dies, to my grandson James Nunaley, son of Richard. John to give his brother Joseph 10 shillings.

To son Walter, all the rest of my lands; Walter to give his brother William 200 lbs of tobacco when William of age

To my wife SARAH, this plantation for life, and at her death to son Walter; and wife to be executor

Dated 29 March 1722

Wit: John Worley, John Blankenship

Recorded July 3, 1727


p.117 page 130

Inventory estate of RICHARD NUNNELEY by Arthur Mosley, Jr., John Price, and Sameul Hancock Value L 16/2/7 on Aug. 28, 1727. Presented in court by SARAH NUNNELEY and recorded Sept. 4, 1727


p.136 page 415

Will of Henry Walthall, Sr. Recorded Oct. 1733

…To son Jeremiah, land joining his brother Henry, including land I cleared above RICHARD NUNNALLY’s house….


Chesterfield County, Virginia Deeds 1749-56 Weisiger 975.5594

p.18 page 189 2 March 1770

Richard Nunnally of Dale Parish, chesterfield Co. to John Bolling, Gent of same, for L 5, land adjoining William Baugh, Thomas Akin, Thomas Poland and Mary Haskins on Flintons Slash, 83 acres; being land where RICHARD NUNNALLY, dec’d, father of said Richard, formerly lived.

No witnesses Recorded 2 March 1750


Library of Virginia Archives Web Site

Patents 12, 1724-1726 p.314-5

RICHARD NUNNELY 17 August 1725 Henrico Co, Va was granted 350 acres on the south side of James River, Begg. At a corner pine of Wm. Pride senr., standing on the south side of Coldwater Road.