Thomas Anderson & Sarah Howard
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Henrico County Virginia Deeds 1677-1705 Wesseiger

p.142 page 327 1 April 1690 Joseph Royall is due 600 acres for the importation of: Thomas Peters, John Medcuff, THOMAS ANDERSON, John Towns, Walter Stiers, George Garwood, Isaac Gilly, Anne Gilly, and James, Jack, Matt and Betty (negroes)

[Note by Dianne: possibly ancestor of the Thomas Anderson listed below.]


Genealogical Records of Buckingham County, Virginia 975.5623W

p.31 1800 Tax List

The first number after each name indicates the white male tithables. The second number shows the number of horses owned. The third and forth numbers indicate the number of negro tithables, and the number of negroes between the ages of 12 and 16.

ANDERSON, THOMAS, Est(ate): 1-17-18-6

p.121 THOMAS ANDERSON of Buckingham County advertised for rent 150 acres of land on the James River in the lower end of Amherst County, 80 miles above Richmond, with dwelling for overseer, 30 or 40 acres of land opposite part of aforesaid land in Buckingham County, with a dwelling of two rooms on a floor, and an adjoining plantation with a ferry across the river, with house for overseer. (Virginia Gazette, 18 November 1780).

p.122 British Mercantile Claims

Benjamin Howard’s estate shows L 328.7.7 ľ by account, Albemarle Store, George Kappen & Co. Howard died in 1772 and left a daughter, who married THOMAS ANDERSON, and Howard left a very valuable estate. ANDERSON died in Buckingham County, in 1800 (British Mercantile Claims in Virginia, in the Virginia State Archives).


Buckingham Land Tax Summaries & Implied Deeds 1782-1814 V 1 975.5623 Word

p.14 ANDERSON, THOMAS, Capt. 1782 to 1787. [ED. NOTE: listed as "J.R," for James River?]


Buckingham County, Virginia Church and Marriage Records 975.5623 Warren

Petition Oct 17, 1787



Buckingham County, Virginia Early Extant Poll Lists 975.5623 Stinson

p.10 listed in the 1787 personal property tax list as "Hickerson Hicks" - held at Buckingham Courthouse


p.23 Held at New Store, Buckingham Co, Va



Buckingham County, Virginia Surveyors Platt Book 1762-1855 Grudsett 975.5623G

p.13 page 41

THOMAS ANDERSON; February 21, 1782; both sides Holman’s Creek; 625 ac.

p.14 page 47

THOMAS ANDERSON; March 19, 1784; 800 ac.; west side Rock Island Creek; joining Micael Damron, William Cabell Ballowe, David Pryor and John Beazley.

p.20 page 71

John Suddarth; October 26, 1790; 230 ac.; lying each side Rock Island Creek joining lines of William Staton, John Northcutt, Charles Bea.., THOMAS ANDERSON, and Colo. Joseph Cabell on road to Warren (shown).

p.22 page 77

David Prior; May 17, 1791; 195 ac.; joining THOMAS ANDERSON, John Couch, James Staton, and David Pryor.

p.26 page 94

Thomas Cobbs (J.R,) 717 ac. On each side Rock Island Creek joining Briant, James Couch, Pucketts, Thomas Carter and Capt. THOMAS ANDERSON December 9, 1795; Mr. Howard and Vacant land adjoining; Warrant sent with works. Exchange: Warrant granted to Joshua Gibson for number 481 and dated October 20, 1792. Warrant granted to Jno Davidson for 300 ac. Number 482 and date October 27, 1792.

p.30 page 106

Capt. THOMAS ANDERSON; July 26, 1797; 600 ac.; in fork of Rock Island Creek joining lines of Mrs. Tapscott, Edwin Rice, Thomas Ray Woods, Jams Stanton, Thomas Cobb, and THOMAS ANDERSON’s lines. Error that on the 9th day of July 1801 I have resurveyed this tract of land and find it to contain 200 acres belonging to Simon Hudson. Works issued for 400 acres - by John Patteson.

p.38 page 129

THOMAS ANDERSON; July 9, 1801; 50 ac.; each side of Irving’s ferry road joining lines of THOMAS ANDERSON decd and Charles Irving decd; surveyed for the executors of THOMAS ANDERSON to wit Robert Rives, Nathl Anderson and John Harris for the benefit of the legatees of THOMAS ANDERSON.

p.38 page 130

THOMAS ANDERSON decd; July 10, 1801; 162 ac; nearly all the lower side of Rock Island Creek surveyed for Robert Revis, Nathl Anderson and John Harris, exrs of THOMAS ANDERSON decd for the benefit of the devisees of said THOMAS ANDERSON decd. Note:15 acres taken out 22 October 1805 agreeable to the last will and testament of Capt THOMAS ANDERSON decd and added to the tract of 235 ac and Hills 150 making I all 400 acres which the said THOMAS ANDERSON will to his late wife now Mrs. Birks. Adjoining THOMAS ANDERSON’s lines, Widow Tapscot; John Briant, Thomas Cobbs.

THOMAS ANDERSON decd; 200 acres on east side of Rock Island Creek surveyed for Robert Revis, Nathl Anderson, and John Harris exors of THOMAS ANDERSON decd for benefit of the devisees of THOMAS ANDERSON decd. Adjoining John Briant, Thomas Cobbs, Price Perkins and Jas Couch.

THOMAS ANDERSON, dec’d; 400 ac.; (note see page 46 of old page numbers); surveyed for Robert Revis, Nathl Anderson, and John Harris for THOMAS ANDERSON decd for the benefit of the devisees of THOMAS ANDERSON decd. This platt of 400 acres is included in a plat on page 46 (?) surveyed 9 July 1801, signed John Patteson. Adjoining James Staton, Simon Hudson, THOMAS ANDERSON, Thomas Cobbs, Widow Tapscot, Edwin Rice, Thos…

p.45 page 153

Legatees of THOMAS ANDERSON; 41 ac.; April 4, 1805; lower side of Rock Island Creek joining lines of Mr. Price Perkins, and legatees of THOMAS ANDERSON decd; surveyed for Nathl Anderson, Robert Rives, and John Harriss as executors of THOMAS ANDERSON decd. Warrant and works issued to Capt. Nathl Anderson April 9, 1805.

p.60 page 209

Survey of 3, 188 acres divided among the legatees of Charles Irving decd by order of the court; September 30, 1803. On Fluvannah River joining David Patteson, Tandy Rice, THOMAS ANDERSON dec.; Legatees; Robt Irving, lot 1 300 ac.; Charles Irving, lot 2 323 ac.; Mildred Irving lot 3, 323 ac; Patrick Rose, lot 4, 323 acres; Paulus P. Irving lot 5, 342 ac; Mrs. Roses dowery, 1577 acres (shows a dwelling house and a mill, plus 22 acres of vacant land); also shows the location in all parcels of high and low lands.


Chesterfield- An Old Virginia County 975.5594 Lutz

p.96 …THOMAS ANDERSON… Many of these men became permanent residents of Manchester


Magazine of VA Genealogy & History on the Reconstruction of the Anderson Family of Buckingham Co., VA, by Elizabeth Shown Mills.


Al. James Bartlett Couch, d. 1809 m. Ann Anderson, daughter of THOMAS ANDERSON and SARAH HOWARD ANDERSON. He received 508a @14sh 9p. from the estate of her father, THOMAS ANDERSON, an approximately equal share [by monetary value] with each of the heirs. …


Library of Virginia Archives Web Site

Patents No. 37 1767-1768

THOMAS ANDERSON 20 September 1768 Albemarle Co granted 1660 acres among the branches of Willis’s Creek.


Grants No. 11 1787 page 697-8

THOMAS ANDERSON 22 August 1787 Buckingham Co. granted 800 acres on the east side of Benjamin Howards road.


Grants No. 34 1796 page 123-4

David Pryor 5 April 1796 Buckingham Co. granted 195 acres adjoining THOMAS ANDERSON, James Staton, Wm. Holdwright and John Couch.