Welcome Salisbury & Polly Kyle
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        Welcome Salisbury was born in Rhode Island. He came to New York where he married Polly. After their children were born, they moved to Michigan.

        The story goes that the Salisbury family was originally from England. Grandfather Salisbury returned to England to claim the family inheritance. The family later learned that his ship sank on the way back to America with the inheritance and Grandfather aboard. Was Welcome's father "Grandfather" Salisbury?

References:         Aileen Dozier Blankenstein


1820 Gates, Genesee County, New York, Census

WELCOMB SALESBURY                     

1 male 26 - 45 (Welcome was 28)                                 

1 female under 10 (?Adeline b 1815)                       

1 female 10-16                                                                   

1 female 16-26  (Polly was 27)


1850 Macomb County, Richmond Township, Michigan, Census

p 4R WELCOME SALISBURY      58 RI           

Polly                                                 57 NY        

Meyron                                            25 NY                 

Amelia                                             22 NY                              

Elzina                                              17 NY


1860 Richmond Township, Macomb Co, Mich p 583

WELCOME SAULSBURY       68 RI                      

 POLLY                                     67 NY                          

Alina                                         26 NY           

Meyron Saulsbury                     34 NY                   

Amelia                                      31 NY             

Margaret                                    9 NY                      

Amanda                                     7 NY                        

Charles                                 8/12 NY


1870 Richmond Township, Macomb Co, Mich p 43

Myron Saulsbury     44 NY                            

Amelia                    42 NY                                    

Martha                   19 Mich                                   

Amanda                 16 Mich                                 

?Burtin                  14 Mich                                        

Charles                  10 Mich                               

Herbert                    8 Mich                                            

Welcome                 78 RI


1880 Richmond Township, Macomb Co, Mich

Not there


1824 Northernhalf of Genesee Co., NY (including Gates, where Welcome lived) taken to create Orleans County, NY.

Nov 30, 1827  Welcome was "articled" 75 acres, Lot 9, Town of Barre, Orleans County, NY.


Jan 28, 1828 Same parcel, with rest of Lot 9, deeded to Charles E. Dudley.    



From the book Landmarks of Orleans County, New York, searchable on Ancestry.com 

Barre, Orleans County, NY  Land transactions with the Holland Company**

Page 473. The west part, 100 acres, of lot 9, was taken up by Joshua Eaton November 25, 1821, and transferred to John Bailey December 30, 1830.  It was deeded to him May 31, 1833.  The west middle part, 100 acres, of lot 9, was articled to Abel S. Bailey December 3, 1821, and was deeded to him June 13, 1833.  The east middle part, 75 acres, of lot 9, was articled to WELCOME SALISBURY November 30, 1827, and deeded, with the rest of the lot, to Charles E. Dudley January 26, 1828.




"Welcome resided in Barre, Orleans Co., NY in June 1839, when he purchased the land in  Macomb Co., MI."



May 5, 1860  "Myron Salisbury, Church Clerk of Baptist Church, Memphis.  To Michigan Baptist State Convension [Detroit]."

Also, "Welcome Salisbury. . . . . Memphis. . . . . 0.50"  (not dated, tithe?)



Macomb Co, MI deed indexs

WELCOME SALISBURY to Myron Salisbury Bk# 46/107 T3-R5-14

Myron Salisbury to Nancy Barker 46/404 T3-R5-14

WELCOME SALISBURY to Myron Salisbury 13 Sept 1864 Bk 46 pg 407

Nancy J. & Isaac W. Barker to Myron Salisbury 13 Sept 1864 Bk 46 pg 404

Myron & Amelia S. Salisbury to Jacob Lawn 20 March 1873 Bk 64 pg 461

Myron & Amelia Salisbury; Harfred (?) & Polly Phillips to Seventh Advent   Signed, Sealed and Delivered in presence of  Geo L. Perkins; EZRA Heagen      

 WELCOME SALISBURY Seal           

County of Macomb} On this 13th day of September in the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty Four between me a Notary Public in and for said County, personally appeared came the above named WELCOME SALISBURY known to be the same person described and who executed the instrument, and acknowledged the same to be his…


Macomb Co., Michigan Deed Bk #53, pg 218 Written 1846 Recorded 1868

WELCOME SALISBURY & wife to Myron Salisbury]  Deed Recorded April 25, 1868,    2   O’Clock  P.M.            We WELCOME SALISBURY and POLLY SALISBURY his wife of the County of Macomb and State of Michigan in consideration of Three Hundred Dollars to us paid by Myron Salisbury of Macomb County, State of Michigan do give, grant, bargain, sell and convey unto the said Myron Salisbury and to his heirs and assigns for ever. All of the East half of the North West quarter of the Section Three Township Five North Fourteen East, containing sixty six acres be the same more or less with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging and we the said WELCOME SALISBURY and POLLY SALISBURY hereby agree with the said Myron Salisbury and his heirs and assigns as follows. 1st That we are lawfully seized of the afore granted premisses. 2nd That we have good rights to convey the same as aforesaid. 3 rd that the said premises are free from all incumbrances. 4th That the said Myron Salisbury and his heirs and assigns shall ?quietly enjoy the same, and that we and our heirs will Warrant and Defend the title to the same against all lawful claims. Witness our hands and seals this 13th day of October 1846.    igned in presence of  John Grinnall, Julian Grinnall}                    WELCOMB SALISBURY Seal         POLLY X (her mark) SALISBURY Seal                            

State of Michigan } I hereby Certify that on the 15th day of October A.D. County of Macomb } 1846 I personally came before me WELCOMB SALISBURY and POLLY his wife to me personally known who acknowledged that they executed the above written deed for the uses and purposes therein expressed and the said POLLY SALISBURY apart from her said husband acknowledged that she signed the said deed freely and without any fear or compulsion from her said husband or any other person.

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