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A book titled Samuel Ferguson who married Mary Jameson

Page 2-3 Elizabeth Davidson Harbaugh, who wrote Davidson Genealogy, stated on page 291 that the Jameson family was of Celtic origin and that they migrated from Scotland to Ireland in 1616. She further writes that James Jameson, the Scotch-Irish progenitor, migrated to North America , with wife Jane and their seven children, settling in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. He died prior to 1743, the year his estate was settled. WILLIAM JAMESON, one of their sons, was born 1697 and married SARAH COLLINS 28 March 1722 (Christ Church, Philadelphia. WILLIAM and SARAH moved to Augusta County, Virginia, circa 1745, where he qualified for Justice November 1751. His will, written 20 December 1752 and proved 21 March 1753, named his eldest son John, sons George, Andrew and William, and wife SARAH, who was executrix (Augusta Co. will Book 1, page 472). Mrs. Harbugh on page 292, also wrote that WILLIAM JAMESON’s eldest son, John born circa 1723, came with his parents to Augusta County and married Jean Erwin, daughter of Matthew and Elizabeth Erwin. … The writer also asserted that Mary Jameson was the daughter of John and Jean (Erwin) Jameson. John Jameson’s Will, written 29 February 1776 and proven 19 March 1776, named his wife Jane (Jean), grandson John Peery, granddaughter Sarah McNabb and nine children—no names given (Augusta County Will Book 5, page 405).

Homer F. Dean finds nothing concrete on Mary Jameson’s parentage. He has chosen the same John Jameson as a possibility for her father, as did the writer of Davidson. He favored this John Jameson because his Will included a grandson who was a Peery. Our Samuel and Mary seemed to have had a relationship with the Peerys. Homer further reasons that in 1776, when John Jameson wrote his will, he was old enough to have nine children and at least two grandchildren. Our Mary Jameson was married in 1760’s, so John should have been the one generation older. Homer also guessed the WILLILAM JAMESON who married SARAH and wrote his will in 1752, to be the father of the above John. His will mentioned a son John. However, it is possible that WILLIAM and John, whose wills are both entered in Augusta County, could be brothers: Mary Jameson could have been a daughter of the WILLIAM Jameson whose will was written in 1752, although daughters are not mentioned in his will. But it does seem probable that WILLIAM JAMESON’s eldest son, John, is the John with wife Jane, and whose will is recorded in 1776.


The Jameson family in America 929.3G G139 on Microfiche

No 715 WILLIAM JAMESON m. March 28, 1722 SARAH COLLINS Christ’s Church, Philadelphia, Pa.


Pennsylvania Births, Philadelphia Co., 1644-1765 Humphrey 974.811

Page 251-2

Jameson, John bp 20 Mar 1723 WILLIAM SARAH 3

Jameson, William bp 20 Ma 1723 WILLIAM SARAH 3


Chronicles of the Scotch Irish Settlement in Virginia - Augusta Co. Chalkey 975.591 V 1,2,3

Page 19 July 16, 1746 (68) New Court - Commission dated 13 June, 1746: …


Page 280 Page 518 28th February 1749-50. Robert Poage to John Poage, 305 acres. William Beverley. Corner Lewis land. Wallace’s land. Corner Daniel Dennison. Part of 773 acres conveyed to Robert by Beverley 28th April, 1739. Teste: WILLIAM JAMESON, Erwin Patterson.

Page 432 1749 To the Honorabel Court of Augusta. Petition of inhabitants and subscribers of the South Fork of the South Branch of Pattomuck are very much discommoded for want of a road to market and to Court if occasion but espetily to market. We have found a very good way for a road: Beginning at John Patton’s over the mountain to Cap. John Smith’s; we begg that you will take this our petition unto your consideration and grant us a briddle road to Court and a road to market where it will lsut mose convenient, and will ever pray, etc. …WILLIAM JIMSON …


Page 27 Page 472 20 December 1752 WILLIAM JAMISON’s will. Wife SARAH executrix. Eldest son, John; 237 acres on Jackson River. Sons, George and Andrew. Son, William. Teste: Saml. Hodge, Thos. Gillham 21st March 1753, proved by both witnesses, and SARAH qualified with sureties David Dryden, Robert Armstrong.

Page 49 November 29, 1751 (216) WM. JAMESON - qualified Justice

Page 50 May 20, 1752 (242) New commission to …WM. JAMESON*… (Those marked (*).

Page 53 August 19, 1752 (312)…WM JAMESON, qualified Coroner.

Page 315 May 1755 (A) Rasmey vs. JAMESONS and Gay. John Ramsey, assignee of Charles Donnelly, who was assignee of John Handly, complains of John Jameson and Robert Gay, and SARAH, his wife, late SARAH JAMESON. Bond dated 1754. Signed, SARAH JAMESON.

Page 317 May 1756 (B) Abercombie vs. Guy and wife. – SARAH JAMESON, wife to WILLIAM JAMESON, deceased, in the Cowpasture. Bond dated 5th September, 1754. SARAH married Robert Guy. Suit brought March, 1756.


The Davidson Genealogy by Elizabeth Davidson Harbaugh P291-2

WILLIAM JAMESON, b 1697, Ireland, m Mar 28, 1722 to SARAH COLLINS (Christ Church, Philadelphia), moved ca 1745 to Augusta Co., Va. Qualified for justice Nov. 1751, New Commissioner to 1752 and qualified coroner 1752. On 20th Dec. 1752 he made his will which was proved 21st Mr. 1753, an abstract of which follows:

Wife SARAH Executrix. Eldest son John, 237 acres on Jackson River; sons Geo and Andrew, son William. Teste: Samuel Hodge, Thomas Gillham. Proved by both Witnesses 21st 1753.


Record of Pennsylvania marriages Prior to 1810 Volume I

Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Company 1968

page 136 marriages 1709-1806 Christ Church, Philadelphia



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